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Your business can access new expertise through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) enable businesses to improve effectiveness and productivity by accessing new knowledge and expertise.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can help your organisation by:

A KTP is partnership between your company and the University. The partnership recruits a high calibre graduate (known as a KTP Associate) to facilitate the transfer of expertise from the University into your business. The Associate works in your company jointly supervised by yourselves and an academic team. Projects can run from six months to three years.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership funding

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership is part-funded by the government either 67 per cent or 50 per cent dependent on the size of the partner organisation.

The annual contribution for a small to medium enterprise (SME) would be approximately £22,000 and for a large organisation the contribution would be approximately £33,000.

KTPs are the government’s leading knowledge transfer programme.

What is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership?

Find out what a Knowledge Transfer partnership (KTP) is and how A&P Falmouth were able to benefit from working with the University.

Case studies

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca streamlined their screening processes with help from a KTP.

You can also find out how we helped ship repair and maintenance facilities company A&P Falmouth, increase their profitability with a KTP.