Buff Industrial Design develop new opportunities

Buff Industrial Design explored new business opportunities and worked with exciting start-ups, thanks to support from the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI).

The product design and development company first worked with the ESI, part of the University of Exeter, on a project led by another company. Intervention Business Mentor Rob Misselbrook recognised Buff Design’s skillset.

He expanded: "We were working with a company that had created a device capable of minimising the risk of rusting in wet radiator systems. But it was costing about £18 to produce one unit."

"We introduced Buff Design to the mix and they showed the company how to produce it for £2 thanks to their connections to excellent, good value manufacturers around the world, from Poland to China."

Rob knew there would be mutually beneficial projects the company could get involved in coming up. By taking part in such projects, Buff Design ensured they are plugged into regional networks of start-ups and young, dynamic SMEs.

Lloyd Pennington, Buff Design’s Founder, added: "The ESI has given us the opportunity to engage with a whole range of innovative companies and develop deep relationships with the local economy in the South West."

Engineering interns from the University could further benefit the company by supporting the improvement of design processes if plans to take them on come to fruition.