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Jo McCreedie
Employment Liason Officer - Employment Services
01392 722617

Graduate internships offer a unique opportunity to 'test drive' potential new employees.

Graduate Business Partnership (GBP)

The Graduate Business Partnership (GBP) offers employers, the opportunity to recruit recent graduates to fulfil your business need.

GBPs can be employed to undertake challenging roles and projects; on a part-time or full-time basis; available to start throughout the year for a period between two to 23 months.

In return your business can gain from the latest academic knowledge; individuals who can quickly grasp new skills and concepts; problem solve with a fresh perspective; test out new roles; trial new employees; and help with short-term cover.

(If you are a recent graduate please see our graduate page.)

Types of work GBP placements typically undertake include:

  • Business analysis and development
  • Marketing, PR, advertising and design
  • Finance and accounting
  • Computing and some IT
  • Research and product development
  • Technical
  • Scientific
  • Environmental and sustainability
  • Sector specialisms

Following discussion and agreement on the details of your project, we will advertise your GBP to attract graduates from any University that meet your clear job description and person specification.

To create an advert, please complete the Internship Vacancy Form and return it to Jo McCreedie.

You can expect to receive between 5-20 applications, depending on the role.

Applications will be made via our standard application form. We can offer a light initial sift of any applications that do not meet basic eligibility criteria; leaving you to select the most suitable candidates for interview.

We can provide support and guidance through the whole recruitment and selection process, including information on interview questions and tests.

You may wish to use our standard emails:

Not called to interview email

Invitation to interview email

Your organisation will select and contact the most suitable candidates to attend interviews and reject unsuccessful candidates by email.

We ask that you respond to candidates who have not been successful at interview and be willing to provide constructive feedback if requested by them. If this is not possible you may wish to use our standard email unsuccessful after interview.

Once your chosen candidate has been identified and has accepted the position, we will ask you to complete the relevant Appointment Form so we can issue the Internship Agreements.

You will issue the Contract of Employment, unless on the University payroll. Please note graduates must have employed not self employed status. For more information please go to the HMRC website.

UoE Employers Only

We ask that you allow at least 5 working days between sending the Appointment Form back and your intern's start date with you. This is to provide enough time for HR to issue the contract of employment and for us to issue Internship Agreements and guidance. If your GBP starts after the  main payroll deadline for the month you wish them to start, your intern will not be added to TRENT until after the payroll ‘lock-down’ has been lifted, usually on payday.  Hence your intern can start work within 5 days of notification, but they may not be able to get their University staff card and access to IT until after that month’s payday.

By recruiting an SCP/GBP or a series of SCP/GBPs, you are not replacing a existing permanent position that could be open to applications from a non-student member of staff. (Exception is if you can evidence employing a student or graduate is essential to the role or the project is short-term and/or ad hoc hours).

‌‌Successfully placed graduates will be expected to attend two full days of Employability Training at the University supporting the internship. Graduates employed at the University can also access staff training found through TRENT.

You are expected to undertake an Induction process with your intern within the first two weeks of employment. You have been sent an Internship Induction Checklist for your reference. If your company does not have an established induction, please complete the Internship Induction Checklist with your intern.

We recommend that you consider sustainability issues as part of your induction. Here at the University Career Zone, we use the Green Impact Induction and Green Impact - Personal Responsibility plan, both of which you are welcome to use as guidance.

You should set clear objectives for the intern.  If your company does not have an established PDR/appraisal process, please use the Internship PDR form.

The University will support both your organisation and the successful graduate throughout the internship to ensure both parties get the best out of their GBP experience.

Jo McCreedie will be available to meet with Interns to discuss placement issues and provide assistance with employability issues for the future, and will be inviting them to meet with me at least once during their internship. We ask you release them from their work to attend this meeting. Should you have any concerns regarding your Intern or their performance that you wish to discuss Jo can be available to assist.

We ask that the intern meets with their line manager regularly.

Management Fee

A one-off management fee of £400 + VAT per internship is charged.

This fee covers:

  • Advertising - includes advising on job details and person specification, advertising your role in a variety of places, and appropriate timescale;
  • Managing the application process - includes handling general enquiries and applications;
  • Training – One day employability training for GBPs;
  • Contract/Agreement support – includes providing internship agreements and liaison with HR about contracts for GBPs
  • Support and guidance – For interns and employers on placement and employability issues.

Extensions of existing contracts costs £50 + VAT.

If you are from a University of Exeter professional service or College then reduced management fees apply.

We are occasionally able to offer funding to subsidise salary costs and other expenses, and information on funding schemes and eligibility criteria can be provided in more detail here.


We ask that graduates are paid a minimum of £9.07 per hour. This equates to £17,210 per annum, based on a working week of 36.5 hours. When setting the salary we ask you to consider pay expectations in your sector, for that role, and the location of your business. Advice on rates of pay and how to calculate employer on-costs can be provided.

Annual Cost of Living Increase

GBPs employed by the University only: All pay is subject to the annual cost of living increase which is reviewed in August, but often not agreed and implemented until January. We ask employers implement the pay rise when notified, and give interns back pay. This is usually less than 10p an hour. Current: Full Internship Costs 2013

Incremental Rise in Salary

All GBPs employed by the University salary scale c.9. Pay increments to salary scale point c.10 will automatically be given to GBPs in post more than 6 months on the 1 August each year and payments will be made in the August payroll.

Staff Bonus

GBPs are eligible for the staff bonus of up to £200 if they are:

  1. staff who start their employment with the University on or before 1 May 2014. (If you started after 1 May 2014 you will not receive the payment)
  2. staff who are still in employment in December 2014 when the payment is made. (Unfortunately, individuals who left the employment of the University before December 2014 will not receive the payment.)

If your intern is employed at the University of Exeter and they are leaving, here are a few actions to undertake to end their internship: Actions to be taken if your graduate leaves.

In addition: if your intern is employed by the University and has had access to My Career Zone as an administrator, please contact careers@ex.ac.uk  and advise that they have left.

We ask that you please complete the Internship Evaluation (Employer) Form and also encourage your intern to complete the Internship Evaluation (Intern) Form

The following terms and conditions detail the obligations of all parties: