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Our PhD students can work on projects designed to solve problems facing your business.

PhD students

We have a thriving postgraduate research student community with more than 1,600 students, many of them completing PhDs, working across a variety of disciplines.

Whether your business is large or small you can work with research students by sponsoring a student to undertake a relevant research project (supporting the whole PhD), or contributing to the part of cost of a PhD through match funding.

This can help your business by:

  • Enabling access to cutting edge research specialisms.
  • Providing you with the benefits and outcomes of a long term (three year) high quality research project with less cost.
  • Giving you access to university facilities.

Sponsoring a student

There are opportunities to support research students for a project in an area which your company has an interest - it may be that an organisation funds one of its own employees to undertake research as a means of meeting business requirements and up skilling its workforce.

Industry funding can range from a full studentship, which covers fees and living costs, to smaller bursaries, which offer students a contribution towards their study or living costs, or assists with training or fieldwork.

Depending on the scheme, students have three to four years to complete their PhD with between three and 18 months spent on placement with the partner.

You can find out more about opportunities and areas of research expertise at the University of Exeter by visiting our postgraduate study web pages.

Case studies

A PhD student was able to help Cornwall Agri-Food Council fill a gap in the market.

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners developed new environmental strategies after working with an Exeter PhD student.

Low cost airline, Flybe, improved their reputation around corporate social responsibility after working with a PhD student.