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Jo McCreedie
Employment Liason Officer - Employment Services
01392 722617

There are a range of benefits for offering a student an internship within your business.

Student Business Partnership (SBP)

Would you like a bright University student to work for you dedicated to solving just one of the challenges you face in developing your business? Our Student Business Partnerships have helped hundreds of companies to do just that.

Exeter students are available to work up to a maximum of 15 hours a week during term-time and up to full-time hours would during the Easter, summer and Christmas vacation periods.

(If you are a current student please see our student page).

  • Business analysis and development
  • Marketing, PR, advertising and design
  • Finance and accounting
  • Computing and some IT
  • Research and product development
  • Technical
  • Scientific
  • Environmental and sustainability
  • Sector specialisms

Please see our case studies below for examples.

Following discussion and agreement on the details of your project, we will advertise your SBP to attract students from the University of Exeter that meet your clear job description and person specification

To create an advert, please complete the Internship Vacancy Form‌ and return it to Jo McCreedie.

Applications will be made via our standard application form. We can offer a light initial sift of any applications that do not meet basic eligibility criteria; leaving you to select the most suitable candidates for interview.

We can provide support and guidance through the whole recruitment and selection process. You may wish to use our standard email: unsuccessful - not called to interview.

Your organisation will select and contact the most suitable candidates to attend interviews and reject unsuccessful candidates. We ask that you respond to candidates who have not been successful at interview and be willing to provide constructive feedback if requested by the candidate within three days.

Once your chosen candidate has been identified and has accepted the position, we will ask you to complete the SBP Appointment Form. You will issue the Contract of Employment. Please note: interns are required to be employed, not self employed. For more information, please go to the HMRC website.

From the moment the student arrives at Exeter, they will participate in compulsory and optional employability activities and events. During the internship, we ask employers to set clear objectives for the intern, and review and evaluate their progress during the course of the internship. You have the option to use our Internship Performance Development Review documentation, or your current internal performance indicators. 

We also ask that you work through the Internship Induction Checklist

We recommend that you consider sustainability issues as part of your induction. Here at the University Career Zone, we use the Green Impact Induction and Green Impact - Personal Responsibility plan, both of which you are welcome to use as guidance.

The University will support both your organisation and the successful candidate throughout the internship to ensure both parties get the best out of their SBP experience.

Jo McCreedie will be available to meet with Interns to discuss placement issues and provide assistance with employability issues for the future. Should you have any concerns regarding your Intern or their performance that you wish to discuss Jo can be available to assist.

We also ask that the intern meets with their line manager regularly. Previous interns have suggested daily meetings in the first week, then once every 2 weeks after this.

Student need to be paid a minimum of National Minimum Wage. When setting the rate of pay, we ask you to consider pay expectations in your sector, for that role, and the location of your business. In Exeter most companies offer between £8.50- £10.50 an hour. Advice on rates of pay can be provided.  

We are occasionally able to offer funding to subsidise salary costs and other expenses, and information on funding schemes and eligibility criteria can be provided in more detail here.

We ask that you please complete the Internship Evaluation (Employer) Form and also encourage your intern to complete the Internship Evaluation (Intern) Form.

All parties must adhere to the following SBP T+Cs

Case studies

A student Business Partnership helped pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca create a new dataset to be used in their research.

Theta Technologies accessed our students and obtained student expertise to help with testing a new product.