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If you wish to share any thoughts about living with students in the community you can call this number 24 hours a day, or email us.
Phone: 01392 726252 Email:

Community news

Community Survey 2017 

The Community Survey is conducted every three years to take stock of the University's relationship with the city and to help update the University and Students' Guild Community Strategy. The last Survey was carried out in 2014.

Results from the survey are combined with feedback received at our bi-annual Resident Liaison Group meetings. Key themes are also recorded from 'StreetWise' calls and emails throughout the year.

There are two variations of the Community Survey - one for local people and one for student residents:

We hope you can take 10-15 minutes to fill in the appropriate survey. The surveys will remain open until Monday 3rd of July.

Further updates regarding the publication of the revised Community Engagement Strategy will be added to this section of the University website

Important Refuse Collection Information

The City Council has tightened procedures for collecting additional waste from households in a drive to increase household recycling. These procedures could have a significant impact on students living in shared, private accommodation.

The clamp-down is also seeking to reduce the amount of litter/mess that can occur when too much waste is placed outside. Overfilled bins can present handling problems for collection crews too.

These procedures will ultimately have an impact on the amount of non-recyclable (grey) waste that residents can place outside.

 In Summary:

  1. Extra rubbish placed at the side of a bin will NOT be collected.
  2. Overfilled bins (that do not fully close) will NOT be collected.
  3. If you do not have a bin, the amount of bagged grey waste you can present is capped.
  4. If excess rubbish is presented, tenants will have to make their own arrangements to remove excess waste.

Do you have a backlog of recycling or non-recyclable rubbish?

  • Special paid collections can be arranged by calling 01392 665010. General inquiries can also be directed to this number.
  • Additional rubbish can also be brought directly to the recycling centre at Marsh Barton. Visits must be booked in advance by calling 0345 155 1010.
  • Additional recycling (that doesn't fit in your green bin) can be placed in a bag and presented beside your green bin. This bagged recycling must be labeled 'recycling' with the first line of your address. Loose recycling will not be taken.
  • Extra recycling bins can be ordered by calling 01392 665010.

If you have 'inherited' waste at the start of your tenancy, it is important that you liaise with your Landlord/Agent as soon as possible. If you encounter any problems in raising your concerns, free and impartial advice can be sought from The Students' Guild Advice Unit: 01392 723520

For more Information on the City Council's rubbish and recycling procedures

To arrange an appointment to discuss refuse procedures directly, contact your local Student Community Wardens

Term One Plan

The University has been working with a range of partners to encourage positive social behaviour amongst new and returning students.   The plan below outlines a range of actions being undertaken to help mitigate negative behaviour during term one and throughout the rest of the academic year.

Term One Plan

If you have any queries about our preparations for term one please email: or call the streetwise number: 01392 726252

Community Engagement Plan 2015 - 2018

The University of Exeter and Exeter Students' Guild Community Engagement Plan is available to view below.

A limited number of hard copies can be ordered by contacting Rory Cunningham, Community Liaison Officer on: 01392 723721

Community Engagement Plan 2015-2018 

We would also like to thank the permanent local residents and student residents who took part in the 2014 Community Survey and Focus Group sessions.