Terrace restaurant

Terrace restaurant

Opening hours:

Open 11am - 2.30pm on weekdays during term time


Devonshire House
2 on Streatham Campus Map

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Enjoy fresh flavours in the Terrace Restaurant, including Hot Wok noodle dishes, Pizza Neo and Street Food Kitchen flame-grilled food. We offer amazing value meal deals across our Hot Wok and Street Food Kitchen menus.

Pizza Neo

NEW! Pizza Neo

Fresh pizza made with only the finest ingredients available with a selection of toppings in single slices or sharing 12" pizzas.

Take a look at the Menu tab for full details.


Your Restaurant, Your Say

Customers are encouraged to leave feedback on the Comment Wall in the Restaurant to influence future changes to the menus.


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Exciting food concepts

The Terrace Restaurant in Devonshire House offers three flavoursome food concepts :

Hot Wok‌ - A variety of delicious noodle dishes with sides. Take a look at the Hot Wok Meal Deal

Pizza Neo

Fresh pizza made with only the finest ingredients; no additives, no artificial colours and no preservatives.

A different choice of toppings available each week, including margherita and pepperoni. Enjoy a slice to yourself or share a whole pizza in the restaurant or to take away.

  • Per slice - £1.90 students / £2.30 non-students
  • Whole 12 inch pizza  - £6.50 students / £7.80 non students

Why not add sides or a drink?


Street Food Kitchen‌ - Choose from a burger or chicken meals deals and fish and chips special.

Street Food Kitchen Burger Meal Deal

Street Food Kitchen Chicken Meal Deal

Street Food Kitchen Fish and Chips Menu

Did you know?

The rules on VAT mean that students are exempt from paying VAT on hot food, which is why there are separate prices for students and non-students. The University is therefore not offering a discount to students that they are not offering to staff, but simply following the VAT rules in not charging students VAT on hot food.

Current offers

Meal deals from just £4.80 for a main, snack and cold drink.

Early Bird Offer

Having an early lunch will now taste even better in the Terrace Restaurant! Buy a main meal between 11am and 12noon and receive a free upgrade to a meal deal. That’s a saving of around £1.00 and means you’ll receive a side and a drink for free!

  • Hot Wok noodles plus a side and drink: Just £5.40 instead of £6.60 for staff and £4.50 instead of £5.50 for students
  • Street Food Kitchen burger or chicken plus 2 sides and drink: Just £5.75 instead of £6.95 for staff and £4.80 instead of £5.80 for students


New Staff Association offer!

Members can enjoy 20% off at the Terrace Restaurant - please show your Staff Association card at the till to benefit from this offer.

The University of Exeter recognises its responsibility to carry out its procurement activities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We encourage our suppliers and contractors to minimise negative environmental and social effects associated with the products and services they provide. We also strive to ensure that local and smaller suppliers are not discriminated against in the procurement process and specifications.

Customer feedback

Great service, I will be back.

Would definitely recommend, nice atmosphere, nice food, friendly staff.