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Webinar Help

To get the link to access the webinar please go to the page for the specific event. You can find your booked events on this page:

We usually run webinars using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or GotoWebinar. 

Please log in up to 15 minutes before the session is due to start to check you have logged in correctly and your sound settings are workingYou may need to download the app if you have not used this platform in the past. Please log in using your full name so that we can record your attendance.

Please note that if you try to join the webinar after it has started, the presenter may exclude you from the session. A register of attendance will be taken at the end of the webinar. 

  • We recommend that you watch the webinar using a PC, tablet or laptop rather than a phone.
  • The meeting link on the event page is unique – it is the only link which will give you access to this webinar. Please do not copy this link to use in the future as this may cause problems for you. In some cases you may be sent the link rather than it appearing on the event details page. 
  • You will need your speakers turned on or you can use a headset/earphones and have a good internet connection.
  • Accessing via PC/laptop/mac: if you do not have app installed you will usually be directed to your default web browser. You may be required to download the app to take part. In some cases it may allow you access via the browser. You should then be able to access the meeting as a guest and be asked to enter your name. If accessing via PC/laptop you may also want to try using a different browser. 
  • Accessing via tablet/mobile device: if you do not have app installed you will be directed to download the app. You can usually join the meeting as a guest via the app but you may be required to use your @exeter Teams or Zoom account for some events.  
  • Click following links if you have difficulty accessing via  Teams or Zoom or GotoWebinar

Signing into a webinar via a Mobile device

  • On the event's page in Handshake, click on link to join the meeting. For GotoWebinar events click on the joining link in your confirmation email from Gotowebinar. 
  • You will need the app installed. You can install in advance of the webinar. If it is not already installed a popup should take you to the app store to download this
  • If you do not have an account for the app you will usually be able to join the meeting as a guest by typing in your name.

Signing into a webinar via desktop

  • On the event page in Handshake, click on link to join the meeting. For GotoWebinar events click on the joining link in your confirmation email from Gotowebinar. 
  • You may then need to install an app to allow you to access, ensure no pop-up blockers come up
  • Once the app has been installed, you should be taken straight through to the Webinar.
  • If you have any issues with sound, try quitting the meeting and re-entering
    • You can also use the chat function within the Webinar to alert the webinar leader to any issues you may have.