Graduate internships offer a unique opportunity to "test drive" potential new employees.

Graduate Business Partnership

The University manages short and longer term internships from 8 weeks up to a year, depending on the needs of individual organisations; offering companies a unique opportunity to complete specific projects and “test drive” potential new employees:

Internships may include:

  • IT & E-Commerce
  • Business Plans
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Marketing and PR
  • Product Development
  • Scientific Research
  • Environmental Issues

Our case studies demonstrate the wide range of projects with South West employers.


Following discussion and agreement on the details of your project, we will advertise your GBP to attract graduates from any University that meets your clear job description and person specification. Applications will be made via application form and covering letter, when we can offer a ‘light’ initial sift of any applications that do not meet basic selection criteria; leaving you to select the most suitable candidates for interview.


Your organisation will select and contact the most suitable candidates to attend interviews and reject unsuccessful candidates by email.  Once an ideal candidate has been identified and has accepted the position, we will issue the contracts.  We ask that you respond to candidates who have not been successful at interview and be willing to provide constructive feedback if requested by the candidate.

Training for Graduates

Successfully placed graduates will be expected to attend an Internship Preparation Day and two Management Skills Workshops during their internship.  The University will support both your organisation and the successful graduate throughout the internship to ensure both parties get the best out of their GBP experience.


Graduates are expected to earn a minimum of £8.63 per hour subject to the level of responsibility and specialism required for the role – advice on rates of pay can be provided prior to going to advert.

A tiered one-off management fee per internship is charged in relation to the length of the internship:

  • 8 - 19 weeks: £250.00 +VAT
  • 19 weeks – 22 months: £400.00 +VAT

(Additional extensions cost £50, if paid the full £400 +VAT)

Find out more

Our Employment Services team are happy to discuss your internship opportunities. Please contact:

Jo McCreedie
Employer Liaison Officer
Tel: 01392 722617

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