Sponsorships are an excellent way of raising your profile.

Advertising, sponsorship and endorsement

Sponsorships are an excellent way of getting your company’s name in front of students and raising your profile.

There are a wide range of sponsorship opportunities available, including sponsoring a careers fair, student e-newsletter, various high profile pages on our website or Students’ Guild activities.

The table below gives details of our most popular sponsorship opportunities however we have many more options available too.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities at the University of Exeter, please contact:

Natalie Horlock
Employer Liaison Officer
Tel: 01392 724418
Email: n.l.horlock@exeter.ac.uk


Sample Sponsorship Opportunities:

International Virtual Careers Fair £500 + VAT
Careers & Placement Fair £1,250 + VAT
Law Careers Fair £1,000 + VAT