We have a large number of students who are available throughout the year including the Christmas and Summer vacations.

Advertising casual, part-time and vacation work

If you are looking for staff to provide part time work, cover casual shifts or carry out temporary casual jobs then our students can help whilst they study or during vacation periods.

Posting your advert in our online system My Career Zone can potentially get it seen by thousands of University of Exeter students who are always looking for casual, part time, temporary and vacation vacancies.

We provide a fast, friendly and efficient service supporting you with planned and short-notice vacancies. We also offer excellent value for money to attend out casual jobs and internships fairs at a fraction of the cost.

  • Flexible availability throughout the year (including the Christmas and Summer vacations).
  • Award winning student employees who have exceptional and diverse skills including customer service, marketing, languages and IT as well as endless enthusiasm.
  • Support to recruit the right candidate, whether you need a monthly gardener or a part time assistant, as well as on site interviewing space and drop in facilities to assess groups.
  • Support for last minute vacancies where we can send an email directly to students looking for specific vacancies and who fulfill your criteria for £50 + VAT.
  • Two casual jobs and internships fair run in September and February every year to promote your job and opportunities. These are open to all students , including those from Falmouth University with whom we share the Penryn Campus. For further information on any of our services email: es-penryn@exeter.ac.uk

If you are a local resident to Exeter or Penryn and are looking for a student to provide a community service (childminding, gardening, enabling, GCSE tutoring etc..) please use our Student Traders service where we can provide you with full support to find a student who fits your needs and will arrange shortlists and interviews on our campuses for you to attend.

If you are an established employer, or recruitment agency looking for part time or casual staff then register on Employer Career Zone and place your vacancy straight away. We will then check your vacancy. It should take no longer than 2 working days for us to authorise your vacancy and for the job to go live.

If you have a last minute vacancy email casual@exeter.ac.uk with your job request for confirmation and Pay for your dedicated casual job email online. We aim to get these jobs out within 24 hours.

The service you give us is awesome, the speed with which you handle our ads is spot on and in general it is the best £50 we ever spend on advertising!

Local agency

The email which was sent to students prior to the jobs fair was a great idea as it increased awareness of the role we were offering as well as promoting the fair. In conclusion I thought advertising with this service was simple, cost effective and a great success. I would definitely recommend this service to any employer.

Local employer