eXepert Scheme

The eXepert scheme provides students and recent graduates the opportunity to contact University alumni to gain advice on how to enter their chosen sector, work for a certain company, become self-employed or benefit from possible networking opportunities and contacts. The eXepert scheme is a way of gathering useful career and sector information directly from working professionals. eXepert is not an opportunity to ask alumni for a job, work experience, an internship, or for funding an opportunity.

What alumni have said about the scheme:

I would have loved to have such an opportunity when I was graduating and I am sure other alumni feel the same way. This is an opportunity to improve the 'system' and give something back to Exeter at the same time.

Sarah Kirkby, graduated 1989

I personally find the eXepert scheme administered by University of Exeter to be absolutely useful for students and graduates, because it provides a platform for professionals to share their skills, experiences, professional contacts and networking opportunities with them, thus, giving students and graduates current and relevant information; with the ability to make an informed decision on their career path, and confidently pursue their careers. Other Alumni should indeed help students and graduates through the eXepert scheme, because this scheme provides excellent opportunity for collaborating and partnering with professionals in your field of study. Through our professional testimonies, we could trigger something within the students and graduates that not only inspires them, but encourages them to stay focused on achieving their dreams.

Maelo Mwiinga, graduated 2008

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Volunteering from home can take as little as 15 minutes of your time
  • Provide insight to students into their chosen profession
  • Help to enhance students’ personal skills (confidence building, listening skills, etc)
  • Gain a further insight into student life and University news
  • Give back to the University
  • Make a future professional contact
  • Develop professional and personal support skills
  • Reflect upon your own career achievements

Privacy Policy

Any data provided to the University by any party will be processed in accordance with Student Employability and Academic Success (SEAS) Privacy Policy

Contact information

For further information please get in touch:
Email: exepert@exeter.ac.uk
Tel: 01392 722034

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