Sponsorship and endorsement

Sponsorship and endorsement

Sponsorship is a popular way of increasing awareness of your organisation amongst our students. We also offer the chance to endorse selected schemes that we run.

Our popular and well-established careers fairs attract students across all year groups and degree disciplines. These events are widely advertised across our campuses, providing an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness amongst our student population. 

Casual Jobs and Internships Fair
Sponsorship available for the 2019 February fair.
Read more about the event, here. 

For full details contact Jen Hardwick,  J.C.Hardwick@exeter.ac.uk

Careers and Placement Fair 
Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring this fair.
Read more about the event, here.

STEM Careers Fair 
Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring this fair.
Sponsorship secured for the 2019 fair.

Law Careers Fair 
Sponsorship secured for the 2019 fair.

Summer Recruitment Fair  
Sponsorship available for the 2019 fair.
Read more about the event, here. 

For full details contact Natalie Luscombe, n.l.luscombe@exeter.ac.uk 

The Exeter Award is an achievement award designed to enhance students’ employability and provide recognition for activities outside of their studies. The Exeter Leaders Award is our higher level employability award, focusing on leadership and achievement. Completing The Exeter Award is a pre-requisite for registering for the Exeter Leaders Award.

Up to three organisations may sponsor each award for a two year period, with organisation names and logos appearing across all marketing throughout this period. Sponsors of The Exeter Award also attend the celebratory event when a student has completed their Award. Sponsors of the Leaders Award attend the final judging stage to enable students to complete their Award.


Those organisations which work with us regularly are welcome to endorse The Exeter Award. Organisation logos and quotes appear on a dedicated webpage which outlines to students the value of the scheme.


  • The Exeter Award, from 2018/19-2019/20 – Details coming soon
  • Exeter Leaders Award from 2018/19 – 2019/20 – Details coming soon
  • Endorsement of The Exeter Award – free of charge

The award winning eXfactor is a discipline specific employability programme delivered to all first year undergraduates. It’s designed to encourage students to think early in their academic careers about the skills and attributes they will need to develop to enter the graduate recruitment market and how these may be assessed in the recruitment and selection process. It also encourages students to think about work experience and volunteer work at the beginning of their university experience.

Sponsorship is for a two year period, with the organisation’s name and logo appearing across all marketing and information material throughout this time. Sponsors also participate in 5 eXfactor sessions per academic year, enabling exposure to a high calibre of future graduates in every discipline and the opportunity to help and inspire future graduates to think about their careers at an early stage.

Sponsorship is currently available for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 academic years, please contact n.l.luscombe@exeter.ac.uk for more information.

Sprint is the ground-breaking new development programme designed for undergraduate women of all ages, from all backgrounds and stages in their lives and study. Sprint is designed to develop female students to their fullest potential and address study and career issues.

A survey by the Higher Education Careers Unit, measured the earnings of 17,000 recent graduates. They discovered that 70% of women graduates were earning less than £24,000, compared with 55% of men.  And this applied even in subject areas where women's participation was greater than men's, such as Law.

Sprint has been developed to help to close this gap and support women to achieve their aims/aspirations.

Sponsorship details for 2018-19 will be available in due course.  

Our Students’ Guild also provides a range of sponsorship opportunities, from the Freshers’ Ball to Teaching Awards to Sabbatical Elections. To learn more, please click here.


To discuss sponsorship and endorsement please contact:

Natalie Luscombe
Employer Liaison Officer
Tel: 01392 724418
Email: N.L.Luscombe@exeter.ac.uk