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Enterprise and Student Start ups

What is Enterprise?

We can think of enterprise as an organisation or a company, but we can also describe enterprise as a form of action, as something we (purposefully) do. During this industrious undertaking, we show enterprising skills such as:

  • creativity and innovation,
  • confidence and energy,
  • decisiveness and (calculated) risk-taking,
  • communication and networking skills.

Entrepreneurs start a new business and take a product (goods or services) to market. Therefore, an entrepreneur needs enterprising skills and a range of business skills to successfully start-up, develop, manage and grow their business.

But enterprise is not just about starting your own business. Using entrepreneurial behaviour, where you take ideas forward, within an existing organisation is something which many graduate employers require. This is known as 'intrapreneurship'.

We can help you develop your enterprising, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills by visiting our Think, Try, Do website!

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