Enterprise and Student Start ups


Are you full of good ideas and like to make things happen, but you don’t know whether starting-up your own business is for you? About two per cent of UK graduates decide to become their own boss directly after graduation, but there are many more graduates who aspire to own their own business in the longer term and choose to gain experience in related sectors first. So why not take the opportunity to think about it and learn what a start-up involves, and develop the skills required whilst at university.

Here are a few things to enable you to think about it:

Getting involved in enterprise activities at University is therefore not just about starting your own business. It is also about developing and enhancing your creativity and innovation skills, something which many graduate employers ask for. Gaining these skills can help you stand out from the crowd when starting in the world of work, irrespective of whether you will be working for yourself or an employer. We are here to help you develop these skills.

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