The University of Exeter Career Mentor Scheme

Entrepreneurial mentors

All undergraduate and postgraduate students can take part in the Career Mentor Scheme and the eXepert Scheme to get in touch with alumni who have successfully set up and run their own business.

The Career Mentor Scheme

As part of the Career Mentor Scheme, students have the opportunity to gain valuable guidance and advice on setting-up and running a business from entrepreneurial mentors from a variety of sectors these could include (but are not limited to):

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Management and Consultancy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mining, Environment and Natural Resources
  • Education, Teaching, Research
  • Human Resources, Recruitment and Training
  • Theatre and Performing Arts
  • Insurance, Pensions and Actuarial
  • Advertising, Marketing and PR
  • Charity and Development Work
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Language and Translation
  • Information Technology
  • Science
  • Media, Publishing and Journalism
  • Social Guidance and Community Work

About the Scheme:

  • Open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students across all University of Exeter campuses.
  • It is a competitive process and only one student can be matched to one mentor.
  • Students will not be able to apply without identifying a mentor who they would like to work with, from the list provided on My Career Zone.
  • Students will be able see which mentors are available and apply for the Scheme between August and September 
  • We have tried to identify a range of mentoring opportunities based on previous student requests, and the areas identified through My Career Zone are popular amongst students.
  • Reasonable funding will be available to enable students from Widening Participation to see their mentor once.

Emma Green - Career Mentor Scheme 2009

  • Name: Emma Green
  • Course: LLB Law with European Study
  • Mentor’s name: Anne Walker
  • Mentor’s organisation: International Dance Supplies Ltd
  • Mentor's position: President and Founder

To say that the Career Mentor Scheme is a worthwhile experience is possibly the biggest understatement I could make!

I’ve had the opportunity to attend networking events through which I have also met professionals who are providing support in my law degree, including some offers of work experience!  Anne is a great source of encouragement and her enthusiasm has motivated me to attend other workshops in the local Devon area which are helping no end with growing my business, and encouraging me to find funding and publicity to expand. I have also had the opportunity to use my language skills and I now tutor members of staff at IDS in Commercial Spanish which not only acts as a great source of revision but is also a very valuable asset to put on my CV.

We have weekly email contact to pass ideas back and forth and it is such a boost to have someone in the retail and design industry in easy reach. I would advise anyone considering applying for the scheme to go for it, whether the focus is in your degree subject or a business idea you have.  One thing I have learnt over my short business experience so far is that you never know what might happen from one single meeting, so why not give it a try and you could find yourself in a very fortunate position as a result.


If you have any questions about the scheme or wish to be considered please email or telephone 01392 722034.

Alternatively, you can arrange an appointment to find out more in person. For details, please log into My Career Zone and view "all available appointments".

Case studies

Click the following links for case studies of students and entrepreneurial mentors:

  • Jack Boyle with Melanie Brown who previously worked for the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) and is now self-employed conducting same work
  • Emma Green with Anne Walker, founder and president of International Dance Supplies
  • Cheree’ O’Melia with Stewart Noakes, Founder of Transition Consultancy Limited
  • Richard Whinnett with Adam May, Director of Wilson Pym May

eXepert Scheme

The eXepert Scheme provides students and recent graduates with the opportunity to contact University alumni who have successfully set up and run their own business. The eXepert scheme is a way of gathering useful information and networking which will help you make informed career decisions. To participate, complete the form found on the eXepert Scheme website.