Liang Hao

A creation of the ChocEdge 3d chocolate printer

Enterprise success stories

Liang Hao

The world’s first 3D chocolate printer was developed with funding from University to support projects without a commercial partner.

ChocEdge Ltd has received unprecedented demand from designers and customers eager to sample the creative and gastronomic delights that chocolate printing has to offer.

Due to a high level of interest in the printer's potential a spin-out company was formed to develop and sell the product.

Business Secretary, Vince Cable, said: “British researchers are once again leading the way turning science into a fun and marketable product with great export potential.

The development of chocolate printing is a good example of how backing Britain's scientists delivers jobs, boosts export receipts and helps to rebalance our economy.”

The printer was developed by Liang Hao, Senior Lecturer in Engineering and colleagues in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. It can achieve innovative and bespoke products ranging from chocolate toys to names in chocolate.

Known as additive layer manufacturing, 3D printing is a modern fabrication process starting with a flat cross-section image and creating a 3D shape through intricate layering.

Typically used in the production of plastic and metal products, this is the first time it has been applied to chocolate.

The 3D printer used by Liang was developed using the Open Innovation platform, funded by the Higher Education Council for England (HEFCE) Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).