Aspirational Educators

Teaching experience can count towards the Exeter Award.

Aspirational Educators 

Working in the Education & Teaching sector

There are several different routes into the teaching sector, and you will need to research these to find out which is the best route for you. However you choose to train to be a teacher, you will need to demonstrate a commitment to teaching and have a range of class-room based experiences to reflect on in your applications.

There are a number of opportunities to gain teaching/education based experience available to you on campus, listed below.

Pathways to Primary Education is open to all disciplines and year groups and will;

Provide you with the opportunity to spend 3 days (18th - 20th June 2018) in a primary school setting, allowing you chance to experience an educational environment through the eyes of the students and teachers.

  • Gain an insight into teaching in the Primary sector
  • Increase knowledge of the UN Sustainability Goals
  • Learn about Lesson Planning
  • Deliver lessons to Primary School students
  • Learn in an interactive and experiential environment
  • Work with students from different year groups, subjects and levels of degree
  • Be inspired by experienced professionals
  • Gain confidence in your abilities
  • Develop your career plan
  • Receive a certificate and reference

Applications for Pathways to Primary Education are now closed. 

The Teacher Taster programme is now closed. 

The scheme provided students with the opportunity to spend 3 days (at the end of term 1 2017) in a secondary school setting, allowing them chance to experience an educational environment through the eyes of the students and teachers.

  • Included a short ‘lesson in a box’ element, providing opportunity to gain some hands on delivery experience within a supported setting (in pairs/small groups), in a subject relating to the student's degree programme.
  •  Provided a preparatory training session and covered travel & DBS costs.
  •  Enabled students to achieve the Exeter Award by completion of the scheme under the teaching theme.

Get involved with the running of an after school club via your student union in Exeter or Penryn

Complete the SSIS Teaching Module

Mentoring school aged students through the Coach Bright scheme can not only help you develop your educational skills but provide crucial support to others.