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For a full list of Career De-stress events and to book, please click here.

Career De-stress

Following the success of last year the "Career De-stress” is back for 2020-21.

This autumn the Career De-stress is from 2nd-6th November as part of International Stress Awareness week -

We know that thinking about careers can be daunting and that is why the Career Zone and Wellbeing teams are working together to offer special employability sessions in topics which students have told us they find most stressful.   

Sessions include:

  • Choosing Your Career
  • Job Interviews
  • Job Hunting
  • Disclosing a Disability
  • Personal Resilience
  • Time and Stress Management.

We’ll also be releasing some special episodes of the Career Zone Podcast on disclosure and imposter syndrome, so subscribe to the Career Zone Podcast to know when they come out. 

If you have a student leadership position this short webinar will help you develop your resilience to lead effectively through these challenging times.    

Last year just over 200 students attended sessions as part of Career Destress and comments included:

I feel I can face challenges with a lot more resilience and I understand that it is ok to have a knock back, the thing that matters is the way that I approach it.

Personal Resilience session

Will make better use of the Career Zone and start to research my interests further with the aim of developing my skill set.

De-stressing Choosing a Career