Creative Careers : A Festival For Students 2017

Creative Careers : A Festival for Students will see a mix of professionals and leading arts organisations linked to the Creative Sector deliver a broad range of sessions on campus both in Streatham and Penryn.  This will include lectures, workshops, Q & A panels and inspirational talks. The aim of the festival is to provide students interested in working in the creative field the opportunity to meet professionals from different areas and gain an insight into their careers.

Featuring leading regional and national organisations and individuals from:

  • Theatre
  • Music
  • TV, Film and Radio
  • Cultural Heritage and Museums
  • Digital
  • Visual Arts
  • Creative Writing

The emphasis will be about making connections. We hope that speakers and contributors will share their wealth of experience, advice and suggestions. It’s important to note that this is not a recruitment event but more an opportunity to meet with arts practitioners keen to share their experiences with you. You will be able to hear about how organisations work and how the people in it got there. 

Furthermore, we hope that it will be a chance for you to meet and connect with industry professionals, helping foster a greater sense of community as a body of local, regional and national arts organisations and enthusiasts.

We recognise the increasing importance that graduate retention has to the creative sector, and we hope you will see the event as an opportunity to explore this topic with key organisations taking part as well as with fellow students. 

We are very thankful to the University's Annual fund for providing the funding to enable this exciting programme to be delivered.

Speakers and contributors are currently being sourced and as sessions are booked and confirmed these will be searchable on My Career Zone by searching for "Creative Careers" under the Events menu. 

There are opportunities for you to grow and gain experience in many places, take a look below:

Art Week Exeter Artists, Curators, producers.

Exefest events management, curation, music.

DBACE Creative careers.

British Film Institute Film, TV, Media.

National Media Museum Film, TV, Media, Archive, sciencists, engernieers. 

Adam Mahew editorial, archive, source work.

Abassador Group Graduate Scheme Theatre, management, operations.

Kilamanjaro Live Live entertainment, music, events management. 

Creative and Cultural Skills: Competitions

Elements of Creative Careers align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: