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Podcast: In Conversation with Adam Alton, Co-Founder of FidlLeaf Podcast: The Importance of Digital and Coding Skills Podcast: In Conversation with Paul Ranson, a Video Games Entrepreneur

The Coding and Digital skills week can help you at any stage of your career planning

Meets the three competency areas of the Entrecomp Framework.

The Digital and Coding week aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Digital and Coding Week

Digital and Coding campaign

Despite forecasts of a recession following the global pandemic, data shows that nearly half (42%) of employers find it difficult to fill IT jobs in programming and coding. This sector is currently suffering from a skills shortage, but continues to develop at a fast pace. The computer games industry accounts for about 52% of spending in entertainment - meaning it is bigger than film, TV and music combined, but there aren’t enough graduates to fill roles.

Jobs are available not only for computer science and engineering graduates but to all graduates who have an interest in technology, and who are prepared to up-skill themselves.

The Coding and Digital week is designed to introduce you to a variety of technical skills that you can continue to develop with the support of the resources presented here. It also aims to raise the profile of roles in IT in areas such as Healthcare, 3D printing, Gaming, App development, Software development and Information Security, that recruiters currently struggle to fill.

Having been introduced to the basics you can decide whether this is a sector you wish to explore further.

Employer Q&A Panel

Join us on 16th February 12:30-13:30 to ask your questions to industry experts including: ForgeRock, Spirent and TransferWise. Click here to book.

External skill sessions

Join Max Goss for this interactive session, as he talks through the process of how you can design a mobile app. Click here to book your place. 

Internal skill sessions

Sessions include Online Networking, Project Management and Active Listening in Digital Environments. For a full list of events and to book your place visit My Career Zone.

LinkedIn Learning

Find more resources in relation to digital skills and coding by visiting MyCareerZoneDigital.


Gain insights into a range of different tech companies with the Virtual Experience programmes at Forage.  


Explore more about what the Future of Work will look like with our free online course on FutureLearn.

Future of Work Hackathon

Hear from industry experts on how the world of work is changing and find out how to prepare for new and emerging digitised recruitment methods used by employers by joining the Future of Work Spring Programme and Global hackathon.

Employment Sector Information

 Jobs are available not only for computer science and engineering graduates but to all graduates who have an interest in technology. Visit the IT sector page and Prospects to find out more.

Alumni Profiles

Click here to find out how coding skills have helped University of Exeter Alumni, Jared Wilson-Aggarwal.