Richard Smith

Green Consultants Industry Advisory Group

Richard Smith

Sustainable Business Director, Off Grid Energy Ltd.

Company Director and Board Member, Greenspace Information for Greater London


Having worked in industry for over 17 years, Richard is a recognised and respected sustainability professional with a reputation for inspiring and positively influencing change. Working from a general management perspective, Richard has a key skill for leading people and delivering sustainable commercial outcomes across all elements of business. He possesses a broad expertise across many areas of sustainability with a passion for fostering a productive environment and progressive culture. 


Until recently, Richard worked in the construction and facilities management sector for a major contractor. He has held various environment and sustainability positions in different capacities including consultancy, advisory, managerial and leadership. Richard has  now moved into the energy and renewables sector to embrace the rapid pace of change; and subsequently capitalise on the opportunity this offers to deliver pioneering sustainability performance and business leadership.  


In recent years, Richard has worked with Green Consultants and mentored a number of these individuals to help them in their professional development. He has always been impressed with the ability of these individuals to deploy their skills rapidly and to great effect, as well as absorb knowledge and adapt to their working environment. Richard is delighted to be involved in shaping the future Green Consultants programme for the benefit of both the individuals involved and the profession they serve.