Sprint aligns with several UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sprint is supported by the Annual Fund.

Sprint counts towards the Exeter Award.

Sprint Personal Development Programme

What is Sprint?

Sprint is the groundbreaking new development programme designed for undergraduate women of all ages, from all backgrounds and stages in their lives and study. Sprint is designed to develop female students to their fullest potential and address study and career issues.

A survey by the Higher Education Careers Unit, measured the earnings of 17,000 recent graduates. They discovered that 70% of women graduates were earning less than £24,000, compared with 55% of men.  And this applied even in subject areas where women's participation was greater than men's, such as Law.

Sprint has been developed to help to close this gap and support women to achieve their aims/aspirations.

Sprint is available to both undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, the Doctoral College is running a separate course for PGRs.

Each Sprint course is ttwo (consecutive) days long. The days usually run 9:15(ish)-4:30.

The dates for Sprint 2018/19:


CEMPS only 1 -2 April

29 - 30 May


22 - 23 May

See below for more information:

Place are limited and participants must ensure they can attend the entire course to be eligible.

Built on pioneering work carried out by University of Cambridge, Sprint has been further developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

The Sprint programme consists of the following:

  • the encouragement of effective networks within the group
  • a folder with all the materials for the programme
  • online learning tools
  • real, relevant and inspiring role models
  • opportunities to engage with corporate supporters who may further provide coaching and/or work shadowing opportunities

The programme covers:

Your personal power and influence Identifying your values and attitudes
Dealing with change Dealing with stress
Your vision and direction How politics works inside organisations
Managing time effectively Using assertiveness positively
Networking and building contacts Planning your future and setting ambitious goals
Putting yourself across positively and being memorable Interviews
Job applications  

Additional information about the programme:

  • Lunch is provided for this course

Sprint counts towards all the personal development and 'other activities' elements of the Exeter Award and by completing the course you will automatically have these register on your Exeter Award profile.

All Sprint participants will be given access to the Sprint ELE page which hosts a range of resources from the programme. 

Additionally, previous Sprint programmes have shown the following outcomes:

Study: • 70% of Sprint participants say the programme improves their effectiveness in studying.  Many women focus on their studies at university, achieving results such as improved visibility and effectiveness in tutorials, better time management, less study stress, a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Career: 90% say that meeting and working with different women was extremely useful.
Many women use Sprint to sharpen their career goals, raise their aspirations, explore possibilities and to take advantage of the work shadowing and coaching which can be offered by corporate sponsors.

Personal: • 75% say they are now better at setting goals and action points. 
Many women achieve results in their personal lives, such as sorting out difficult relationships, increasing self-esteem, boosting personal effectiveness and gaining a better study/life balance.

Stories from previous Sprint Participants

Previous Sprint participants have kindly shared their expectations and experiences of Sprint so that you can find out more before signing up:

Catherine, 4th year BA International Relations, Chinese & TESOL

Quotes from previous participants

'I found it useful meeting great new people and realising that we have some common worries but also our own values and goals. I'm taking away a more optimistic outlook - ready to say yes to opportunities and also to accept that it's ok if things sometimes go wrong.'

'One of the biggest differences is that I am now more confident that I can actually achieve ambitious goals. Before I started 'Sprint', I knew a lot of things I would like to do now or in the future, but I often assumed that I just don't have the right skills or qualities to achieve them.'

I have found it really useful hearing the stories of women with successful careers. I have realised that there is not just one "right" way to get into certain careers but that it's really important to understand what you really value and make changes if necessary. I have found the mentor scheme really helpful, and have found it useful to get an insight into the recruitment process.'

Videos about Sprint

We welcome applications from all female undergraduates and taught postgraduates who feel they would benefit from taking part in Sprint.

Applications will be processed intermittently throughout the year (at least once a term), we will let applicants know the outcome of their application at least three weeks prior to the start of the course. There is no specific deadline for the submission of applications, and applications may be submitted at any point before the start of the relevant course.


To apply for Sprint please complete this short form, letting us know how you feel you would benefit from the programme and indicating which course you would prefer to attend. This form is for students at the Exeter campuses only.