Global Employability


Global Employability is part of the Global Opportunities Team. We are located in the Innovation Centre on Streatham Campus.

To contact us, please email

For information on Studying Abroad, please have a look at the Go Abroad webpage

The Global Opportunities Team help and support all students with the following:

  • Provide advice and aid with the search of work placements and internships
  • Allocate and manage funding for Santander Travel Grants 
  • Conduct college presentations to students considering work abroad
  • Application advice and guidance for international jobs
  • Bookable appointments in the Career Zone;  call the Career Zone on 01392 724493 or make an appointment in person
  • International work placement administration for both Erasmus + rest of world placements and internships 

You can read case studies of students who have worked abroad here.

In today's increasingly global market place, employers are seeking canditates with soft skills that can only be gained by overseas employment experience. 

Overseas work experience demonstrates to prospective employers your adaptability, independence, resilience, flexibility, multicultural and global awareness. The skills and knowledge you acquire through your academic work are important, but you must also be able to work with multicultural teams, accept differing work practices and have an awareness of how businesses operate globally. 

The good news is that you do not need to speak another language. 

Erasmus +

Erasmus+ is an EU funded programme to support student "mobility" (exchange) within the EU. In the UK, the Erasmus + programme is administered by the British Council with each university being responsible for its own funds. Further information on the Erasmus+ programme can be found under the Erasmus+ section of this website. 

Global graduates require a blend of competencies and corresponding attributes spanning global mindsets, cultural agility and relationship management and must be able to apply them flexibly. International work experience is an opportunity to develop the following skill set:

Core skills

  • higher degree of flexibility and adaptability
  • initiative and the ability to plan
  • assertiveness and independence
  • improved use of information
  • motivation & greater confidence
  • effective communication and better listening ability 

Cultural dexterity

  • more tolerance, patience and better understanding of people
  • greater diplomacy
  • global outlook and mindset
  • confidence to work in global business and seize opportunities
  • working effectively in multi-cultural teams
  • willingness to learn and adapt to a different culture
  • foreign language skills