Does the HEAR replace the Exeter Award?
No, in fact the Exeter Award is one of the key achievements that will appear on the Exeter HEAR. 

Furthermore, whilst paid work and work experience do not appear on the HEAR (with the exception of placements that count towards your degree), Universities are being encouraged to include activities that incorporate skills development and reflection on work experience, which is precisely what the Exeter Award offers.

Will I still receive a degree certificate?
Yes. You will receive your degree certificate once your award has been agreed by the University Senate.

When will my HEAR be available?
Once your award has been agreed, your HEAR will be published as a final document around the time of your graduation. You will receive an email from Gradintel to access it online when it is available.

How do I exclude information from my HEAR?
Most of the HEAR contents follows a national specification and cannot be changed, however under section 6.1 the University of Exeter decides what activities/achievements have been approved for inclusion. See here for further details.

Students in their final year will be contacted prior to graduation with the opportunity to view the extracurricular/co-curricular achievements currently recorded for them and remove any that they do not wish to have published in their final HEAR.

How do I add an achievement to my HEAR?

The HEAR section 6.1 (extracurricular and co-curricular achievements) is put together by drawing data from databases across the University,  including the Student Guild, FXU and the AU.  Achievements that appear on the list approved by the HEAR Project Board (see here) will therefore be added automatically to your HEAR, you do not need to do anything.  Activities not on the list cannot be added.

The information about my additional activities and achievements (section 6.1) is incorrect, who should I contact?

Prior to graduation you will have the opportunity  to view the extracurricular/co-curricular achievements recorded for you and amend or remove any as appropriate. This will be done via an online tool (notification will be sent by email to graduating students when this function is available). 

Please use this tool to report any amendments to your achievement details. If you feel there is an achievement missing, please first consult the approved list of HEAR achievements here to check that your achievement is included on the University's HEAR. If it is an approved achievement and is missing, the table of achievement activity organisers on that web page will help you forward your query to the correct department, using the online tool.

Why doesn't my  ****  achievement appear on my HEAR?

The list of approved achievements that are automatically recorded in the University of Exeter HEAR can be viewed here.

Please check this list before querying the absence of an achievement on your HEAR. Achievements that do not appear on this list cannot be added to your HEAR.

If you are a taught postgraduate who previously undertook undergraduate studies at Exeter, please note that achievements included in your (postgraduate) HEAR will only correspond to your time as a postgraduate student at the University of Exeter.

Why doesn’t the ***** training course I attended appear on my HEAR?
The HEAR will feature significant achievements and positions of responsibility held whilst at University, that the University can verify. However, it will not itemise training undertaken as part of, or preparation for, these achievements.

For example, whilst the Exeter Award will feature on the HEAR, individual components such as employability sessions attended will not. Similarly, whilst positions of responsibility held via the Student Guild/FXU/AU (e.g. positions on committees) will appear on the HEAR, training attended to help you fulfil those roles will not.

If you have attended a course at the University that is run by an external organisation and externally accredited (eg First Aid, Sports Coaching qualifications etc) then  this also will not feature on the HEAR. You are of course encouraged to include key information like this in the education/qualification section of your CV and job applications.

Why does my activity appear in different academic years?

HEAR achievements are recorded by academic year. In some cases the same entry may be recorded for two academic years for example Guild committee positions usually run from Easter to Easter and will be recorded in both academic years in which the position was held.  


Why do I need a Gradintel account?
The University of Exeter is working in partnership with Gradintel (an external partner) to produce the HEAR. Your HEAR will be a digitally signed electronic document that you can share with employers and you must register with Gradintel so you can access your HEAR securely. Please look out for your registration email which will contain important information to access the Gradintel website.

How do I access my HEAR?
Eligible students will be sent a registration email. You need to register with Gradintel using the link provided in this registration email.

Please wait for this email before registering with Gradintel, to ensure that your University of Exeter record is correctly linked to your Gradintel account.

Once you have registered with Gradintel and logged onto the website you can access your HEAR by clicking on the University Services option on the left hand menu, select My HEAR tab and select View my HEAR.

I have forgotten my username and password
Please visit and click on the lost username or lost password link. If you still have problems please contact

I cannot log in - my username and/or password does not work
Please note that both fields are case sensitive. If you are still having problems logging in, please visit and click on the lost username or lost password link. If you still have problems please contact

Why do I need to give Gradintel a personal email address?
Completing your registration using the email link will ensure that your details are linked to your current degree course. Once registration is complete you will be prompted to update your contact email on Gradintel to your personal email address, as your UoE email account will eventually expire after leaving the University.

This is the primary means of resolving any issues including forgotten username/password.

How do I get the registered email in GradIntel changed from my @exeter email which I no longer have access to?

Please complete this form - Email request change form - to get your email changed from your @exeter one to your personal email.

The information about my modules/marks/degree classification is incorrect, who should I contact?
Log an enquiry via SIDOnline, visit the desk in the Forum, or telephone 0300 555 0444.

How do I share my HEAR with an employer or another University?
When logged into Gradintel you are able to share your HEAR with employers or another University by sending them an electronic token which enables them to view your HEAR.

Click on University Services in the menu select the MY HEAR tab and click on the Share my HEAR icon.

What should I put in the ‘message to recipient’ box when I share my HEAR?
When you wish to share your HEAR (eg. with a potential employer or a postgraduate admissions department who has requested it) you will note there is a small box of text to enter a message - ‘message to recipient’ - that will accompany your HEAR.  This is meant as a brief header (max. 250 characters), so you do not have the space to write a letter as detailed as that which would accompany a CV, for example (for advice on preparing a CV and covering letter, see

Nevertheless you are advised to keep your message formal. In most situations you will have been asked to provide your HEAR, in which case you will know the name of the recipient. In that case start your message with  "Dear Mr Brown" and sign off with "Yours sincerely". If you do not know the name of the person you are sharing your HEAR with, begin with "Dear Sir/Madam" and sign off with "Yours faithfully". 

 Your message might look something like this:

Dear Mr Brown

As requested I attach my Higher Education Achievement Report. Please let me know if you require further information at this stage.

I look forward to discussing my application further.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Bloggs

Can I get a printout of my HEAR from the University?
The University does not provide a printed copy of your HEAR as only the electronic version of your HEAR is officially verified. Any employer you issue it to may choose to print or save a copy for their records and you can print a copy for yourself.

Can I amend/update my Final HEAR after I graduate?

When you graduate your HEAR is finalised and, with the exception of factual errors, cannot be changed. If there are any factual errors in your final HEAR then please complete this form. Please note that we cannot add any new achievements to a Final HEAR. Please note that activities and achievements often use generic text to cover a range of similar activities. We operate a correction window for 2 weeks after a Final HEAR is issued. Following this window we would usuallly reissue a HEAR where this is required about a month after that. Any correction requests received at other times of the year would be dealt with the next time HEARs are issued in July or December. A final HEAR will only be corrected within 3 years of it being issued