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Work Placements

Work placements

Work placement modules/programmes are available in most undergraduate and some Masters degree courses. They are a fantastic way of gaining work experience and developing a range of skills, experiences and knowledge to enhance employability, careers (they help career development thinking, and enable you to test career ideas) and future job prospects.

We offer a wide range of advice, guidance and learning to students to support them in:

  • Deciding which placement would suit them.
  • Finding a suitable work placement.
  • Applying for a placement e.g. CV's, applications.
  • Competing for a work placement e.g. Interviews
  • Preparing to start their placement
  • Issues/concerns whilst on placement

For more infiormation please look through the information pages below.

If you are an employer who wishes to find out more about work placements or wishes to contact us, please visit our employers page here for information.

Virtual Work Experience

We recognise that the COVID pandemic has brought about a reduction in placement and internship opportunities for students to gain work experience so have partnered with Forage to offer their range of virtual work experiences with a number of large national and international employers, many are Fortune 500 organisations, across a range of sectors offering a range of roles. Here is some more information on the offering:

What does work each experience contain? 

Each one will consist of video’s, guides and information from the employers explaining tasks that you could be asked to undertake if you worked for them.  You would work your way through each one and be able to review what you have done against an example the company has created. 

What are the benefits of undertaking an experience? 

They will give you some real-life experience of work tasks which you can use as part of your future CV, application, interviews etc. Please note that some organisations may be specific about what you can use the experiences for so please read the experience you have chosen for any notes about this. 

Who can undertake an experience? 

Any student regardless of degree or year of study can undertake an experience. 

How many can experience can you choose, and do you have to finish them? 

No, you can choose as many as you like and it doesn’t matter if you finish them or not. You may not want to complete an experience once started and that’s fine. Each experience will allow you to complete them in your own time so you can do them over a period of time or all in one go. 

Are they credit-bearing? 

No, the experiences are not credit-bearing. 

Do I have to share my details with the employer? 

No, it is up to you whether you choose to do this. There are options that allow the employer to see your details or to hide them and for you to upload a copy of your CV to share with employers. 

What are the benefits of undertaking an experience? 

There are a few; achieve real-life work experience, develop new skills, gain an insight into a company, role or sector you may be interested in working in and connect with an employer who you may wish to work for and share your details/CV directly with them. 

How do I access Forage?

If you want to access Forage please click on this link. There are futher virtual work experiences available on Bright Networks, we have not partnered with them but they may be worth exploring as well, see this link for more information.

Work placements explained

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Benefits and challenges

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Support for work placements

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Work placement options

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Fees and funding

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Support whilst on placement

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