Andreas Pfleger

Andreas Pfleger, BA in Management with Leadership and proficiency in Spanish

Andreas completed his BA in Management with Leadership and proficiency in Spanish and has until recently been working as a PR Consultant for ACTS Communication, a PR and Events company based in Vienna.

After studying at an international School in my Home country Austria, I felt the desire to leave and spend time abroad. Studying in the UK was a goal of mine that I worked towards at school. I always imagined that moving to a different country, getting to know a new culture and educational system surely must be a fun and enriching experience. Consequently I was delighted to receive an offer from the University of Exeter and didn´t hesitate to accept it.

I chose to apply to the University of Exeter not only because of its academic reputation, but also due to the fact that it was a campus University – and a beautiful one at that.

Meeting students and lecturers from all over the world.  Living and working together on a beautiful campus was a once in a lifetime experience. I feel that the importance of Sports at the University of Exeter cannot be overstated and really adds to the social and educational experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed being Club Captain and First Team Player of the University of Exeter Volleyball Club as well as a member of the legendary Exeter University Rugby Club. Working out, competing and winning together leads to friendships that last a lifetime.

During my time at the University of Exeter I completed the Exeter Award as well as the Exeter Leaders award. The training sessions that form part of these two programmes enabled me to practice soft and hard skills while meeting students from a wide variety of academic courses.

Additionally I got my CV checked by the University of Exeter Careers Service to ensure it was up to par. I can only recommend this to everyone.

After graduating from the University of Exeter I returned to Austria to study a part time MA in International Business and Export Management at the IMC FH Krems. The FH stands for “Fachhochschule” which is a specific type of University that is very similar to UK Universities (mandatory attendance, guaranteed entry into lectures and a mentor scheme) rather than ”traditional” Austrian Universities.

At the same time I began working as a PR Consultant for ACTS Communication, a PR and Events company based in Vienna that I had interned with the two previous summers. Working with international and national clients alike my job was very demanding from day one onwards.

I have just recently quit my job in order to be able to move to Sweden at the end of August for some further study.

The variety of different clients that I worked for and with was definitely the highlight of my time as a PR consultant. From advising and representing Starbucks Austria in all media and PR affairs to organizing press conferences and media events for one of Austria's largest sporting events (A1 Beach Volleyball Grand Slam in Carinthia) or even helping one of Vienna's most famous restaurants (Figlmüller) to sell even more delicious Schnitzels – no two days in the office were alike.

My studies at the University of Exeter have certainly helped me broaden my horizon and readying myself for the fast-paced world of business. In one way or another every job is about creating tailor-made solutions for a specific problem. Whilst scale and execution definitely vary, it’s the core of PR and Media.

Studying a diverse range of subjects at the University of Exeter Business School, taking advantage of additional opportunities to gain business and management experience (e.g. Exeter Entrepreneurs Challenges, Exeter and Leaders Awards as well as running a Division 1 sports club) have definitely made my transition into working life a smooth one.

PR and media is one of the industries that offers loads of internships and work placements. These are your ticket in. Make sure you fulfil all tasks – no matter how small they may seem – as well as you can and always demonstrate willingness to go the extra mile. Also the internet and social media are a major factor in PR and media, make sure you know how to use these channels efficiently and effectively.

My goal is to spend six months in Sweden, return to Austria and then find a job in either an international media agency or the government sector.

As I mentioned above, the core of almost any job is creating solutions for problems. Try to be flexible in your thinking whilst at the same time acquiring as much job-specific knowledge as you can. Reading a newspaper, trade magazine or other industry-specific media is never a mistake.

Additionally, give yourself time to figure out what you really want. Internships and work experience are a great way to see what a routine day in a business is like.