Nayyer Chandella

Nayyer Chandella, EdD TESOL

Nayyer teaches English in Pakistan and is also a published poet.

I chose Exeter because of the repute and ranking of the School of Education

In terms of my career I have taught young adults, my aim being development of academic writing skills among them while teaching language. I have been teaching English language courses that include academic writing using different pedagogical strategies, linguistic knowledge and text evaluation.

More recently I have taught M.A, PhD, and Mphil courses. I am taking research methodology and applied linguistics modules, my courses are designed to train future teachers of English language. I am keen to share my research and learn from other educators as well.

Research is an opportunity for learning as well as of self-transformation, therefore I try to avail opportunities to present and publish my work at forums of international repute. I have presented at different venues of repute [with 25 presentations & publications]. The passion that I have for my profession is the energy that fuels my desire to communicate and to know more.

Critical Literacy broadens my perspective on how to use a text as a tool to develop critical sense towards human relationship, change of attitude, and respect for the differences.

My approach is distinct in that it does not focus on dialogue as a set of competencies, but as a mode of learning. As we live in a world of challenge in all areas, adopting such a stance becomes necessary to help society progress. When young learners develop vital positive attitudes towards second language literacy, they will lead their countries to higher levels that are essential for success in today's global linguistic environment. Being a teacher calls for an ample dose of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious if I am enthusiastic, I may spur my students into voluntary learning. I study the art of literature and at the same time take part in creative process as well writing poetry figures prominently in my academic and professional goals. Much of what I study, observe or experience finds place in my creative work as a subject. I am also a published poet.

Yes my doctoral degree has helped in my career, I have a good job and am a better teacher and researcher now.

Furthermore I feel Exeter is a university that has earned respect internationally and I am proud to be an alumna of Exeter university

I would advise students to select universities on the basis of their repute and the courses they offer. Applying to different universities without doing a background research is a waste of time and money.

I would love to do a post doc at Exeter if I get an opportunity

My decision of choosing Exeter and the School of Education has paved the way for my good future.