Priyanka Parekh

Priyanka Parekh, BA English

Priyanka is currently writing a fiction novel after working for her family business in India.

Exeter had one of the best English programs in the country so immediately I was drawn towards getting the best education possible. When I visited the campus the first time, it was a sunny day in January, and something in my heart just made me feel like I fitted in there. Exeter has the best of both worlds, an amazing university which is just walking distance from a vibrant town of innumerable opportunities.

I enjoyed the social life which was so perfectly blended in with the academic side of life. Meeting with tutors and professors at RAM, or socializing with classmates at the Lemon Grove created a balance that made it so easy to fit in and adapt to the foreign environment of living alone.

The people were friendly and accepting and it was truly an amazing place to spend 3 years. I was also a part of the Asian Society on campus and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, exposing myself to new cultures, information and challenges. Exeter kept me on my toes and I loved absolutely every minute of it.

Initially I worked at my family business in India. We have a home retail chain and I was a part of the buyer team for home decor products for nearly 2 years. I am now writing a fiction novel.

I go to the local library and write my novel, typically for 4 hours a day. I love to experiment with food so I am also working on learning to cook new exotic cuisines.

Since I studied English, I have always been drawn to writing and editing and since I have started writing my own novel, all the notes I received from my teachers play a huge role in shaping the kind of writer I will become.

Write short articles and keep publishing in all kinds of publications. I didn't know I was going to be a writer so I didn't do this but now I wish I did.

I hope to be published in the year 2015

Expose yourself to different experiences, even if they may not all be related to the field you want to work in. Being more well rounded gives you an edge over other potential candidates. Work hard and make as many friends as you possibly can. You can never have too many contacts, friends or people to help you out in life.