Sadie Stonell

Sadie Stonell, BA, History 2009

Since graduating Sadie has progressed to a managerial role within a global organisation.

After visiting the Exeter Streatham campus I fell in love with the university and the city. The courses offered aligned with what I wanted to study during my time at university. Exeter felt like the right choice for what I was looking for after my A-Levels.

The campus base and the close knit community was what I most enjoyed about studying in Exeter. I loved History and this passion continued through my degree, however it wasn't until my third year that I began to plan for a future career. Exeter provided several platforms to support me through my decision making process - I just had to look for those opportunities.

I attended several sessions provided by the Careers Service, including a CV workshop and a "How to Interview" session. I also had a one:one session with a member of the Careers Service to discuss my CV and how to highlight my most marketable attributes.

I received an offer for a Sales and Marketing Associate role during Graduation week when I was sat in the Ram. Whilst I started identifying what I needed to do to make myself a desirable candidate during the Summer between second and third year, I didn't apply to a lot of jobs during my third year due to other commitments - when I did apply, it was for roles I felt very confident I had the skills for.

The company I've worked for since graduation was one of the first applications I put together and couldn't have worked out better. I started off in an entry level associate position, however now I have moved into a role where I manage 7 associates (across our London and DC offices) against a variety of Sales and relationship management goals. I provide continued training, coaching, support and recruitment efforts for the team - ensuring all associates are supported. In addition to this, I work with the regional manager to discuss new business development strategies and territory segmentation across EMEA, Canada and Latin America.

I most enjoy working autonomously - it's nice to have personal goals which I can work towards by structuring my day to day how I wish. I like to see the impact our work has on the industry and enjoy supporting the team to make a difference and hit their goals.

My first piece of advice whilst at Exeter would be to try everything, you never know what you may be interested in! My second is to start thinking of yourself as a potential candidate - what is going to make you stand out from the rest of the student population who have also completed 3 years of university? This can include society work, a part time job, volunteer work etc. What are you interested in and what will support an application to a potential job.

I know have a very different set of skills than when I started this company, so I plan to understand where I can move internally or externally to make the most of this.

Try as many different things in university to grow your skill sets. When you're in an interview you will then be able to use these skills and experiences to demonstrate why you'll be right for the job in questions. I would also recommend getting to grips with what you're good at - this way, you'll feel confident in highlighting these when discussing your candidacy for a role.