Varun Paliwal

Varun Paliwal, Finance & Investment

The University of Exeter is one of the best Universities across the UK for Finance courses.

I did enjoy my time while I was studying at the University of Exeter. The most impressive thing was University Campus, it makes me think that I should go for PhD studies to Exeter, again.

After coming back form University of Exeter, I am working full time in the field of Finance & IT in Techno-Functional role in Risk Management & Prime Brokerage domains. Since, I graduated from Exeter in July 2009, I worked with Capgemini Consulting; Financial Services Business Unit, Deloitte; Risk Advisory Services; and currently, I am with IBM - Risk Analytics as Pre-Sales Lead-cum-Domain expert for Asia- Pacific region.

Learning new things on a daily basis, sometimes studying new Banking Regulations, New Statistical Models for forecasting purpose, Upcoming trend in Finance Risk Management (etc) which keep me up-to-date in the market place.

It helped me a lot in all aspects of career growth in last four or five years. It makes me stand out of the crowd of all Engineering professionals working in the field of Finance & IT. I hold twin degrees now; one is in Computer Science Engineering from India & other MS in Finance & Investment degree from the UK.  In short, I'm a technology guy with business expertise in finance.

Yes, I can give you a small tip try to concentrate on this word "CAMS" which stands for C- Cloud Computing, A - Analytics & Big Data, M - Mobile Applications, S - Social Media. These fours letters will create maximum jobs in next 10 years across the whole world and across all industries, finance, retail, consumer, real estate, asset managers, etc.

My future plans are to grow my career in the field of Financial Risk Management which can take me to big role of Chief Risk Officer/ Chief Analytic Officer in big bank.

Study your courses during graduation or post graduation keeping current industry trend in mind, which can give you an extra advantage over your peer competitors. Last but not the least, how could you apply your book knowledge to any industry to make real-times changes in the market place which is for social economic purpose.