Xizhi Zhang, Lecturer at Lijiang College, Guangxi Normal University

MA Translation, graduated in 2011

[Q] What are the day-to-day tasks when working in your sector?

[A] - Deliver the lectures.
- Mark students’ works.
- Supervise BA dissertations.
- Run office hours.
- Carry out research.

[Q] Do I need specific experience to work in your sector?

[A] Teaching experience is preferable.

[Q] What skills and qualities do I need to work in your sector?

[A] Good communication and ICL skills.

[Q] Do I need a specific degree to work in your sector?

[A] You must be qualified to Master level or above in Linguistics, TESOL or a closely related English studies discipline. 

[Q] What are the perks of being in your sector?

[A] Two-month winter break and almost two-month summer break, free annual check-up .

[Q] What are the downsides of working in your sector?

[A] Large size of classes, heavy workload and low payment.

[Q] Where can I find out which are the best companies to work for?

[A] That depends on your definition of ‘the best’. I personally do not think you should find out ‘the best’ but you should realise which are the most suitable for you yourself. 

[Q] Do I have to work in London to be in your sector?

[A] No.

[Q] Where can I look for jobs?

[A] Internet and newspaper.

[Q] Do’s and Don’ts of applying for jobs in your sector:

[A] DO –Send CV in both English and Chinese versions
DO – Be punctual
DON’T – Ask the salary before you get the offer