If you are thinking of changing course may wish to speak to one of our Careers Consultants. Find out how to book an appointment.

Thinking of changing or leaving your course?

Each year, a number of students decide to change or leave their course so you’re not alone! It may be that you’ve chosen the wrong course or institution, or you may be experiencing financial or emotional difficulties. Whatever the reason, it is far better to take positive action and take some time out, transfer to an alternative course or get a job than to struggle on regardless.

It takes real courage to make such a tough decision and it is important that you seek impartial advice and obtain up-to-date information.

Before making a final decision about your future you should be clear in your own mind about the contributing factors;

  1. The course is very different to what you envisaged and you dislike the methods of assessment
  2. The university is too big and you’ve found it difficult to adapt to the South West
  3. The financial demands of having to work part-time and study are proving too demanding
  4. Your career plan has changed and you feel a more tailored course would help your future employment prospects
  5. As a mature student you are finding it difficult to balance study, family and other personal commitments

There are a number of people who can help you navigate the process and follow procedures that probably appear difficult and confusing. Problems that are directly related to your course may be alleviated by talking to your personal tutor, whereas if you are looking for advice on alternative options and the impact of change on your future career prospects please tap into our expertise.

Changing or leaving your course may have financial implications in terms of your fees and accommodation but this will depend on a number of factors. Contact the Advice Unit in person in Devonshire House, on 01392 723520 or email studentadvice@exeterguild.com to discuss the potential impact on your student funding package and contractual obligations such as housing.

Once you’ve decided that it’s time for a change, take some time to consider whether you are ready and able to transfer immediately to another course or if a period of time away from full time education, building up some work experience and earning some money would help to recharge your batteries.

Before you pull out of higher education altogether, consider all possible solutions. For example, would the opportunity to defer completion of the course give you some time to sort out your financial or personal problems? If you are approaching the latter stages of your degree are there clear benefits in trying to find a way of seeing things through to the end?

What can the Career Zone offer?

  • The opportunity to discuss your situation and receive impartial advice from an experienced careers consultant
  • Relevant publications and leaflets offering advice on issues involved in changing or leaving your course
  • Access to the internet, course directories and information on employers to enable you to research your options

Relevant Websites

  • Prospects includes case studies and checklists that can help you make a well informed decision.
  • UCAS provides up-to-date information on courses in higher education

Speak to somebody about changing or leaving your course

If you are thinking of changing course may wish to speak to one of our Careers Consultants. Before you book an appointment please ensure you have:

  • Identified the factor(s) that are causing you to consider changing or leaving your course
  • Set some time aside to consider your preferred course of action and be willing to share your current thoughts

When you have completed these steps you can Book an appointment.