Your Careers Consultant for this subject at Streatham is Tom McAndrew

Your Careers Consultant for this subject in Penryn is Rachel Coombes

What can I do with my degree?


The Career Zone have produced guides: Careers for Biosciences graduates (Streatham) and Careers for Biosciences graduates (Penryn)

With a Biosciences degree from the University  of Exeter, you'll be able to:

  • Demonstrate a wide knowledge of essential facts, principle and theories
  • Analyse critically and assess data within a theoretical framework
  • Deploy appropriate practical and presentational techniques and methodologies including data and statistical analysis
  • Use subject knowledge and understanding to solve problems
  • Evidence practical skills such as designing, planning and concluding investigations
  • Apply numeracy, communication and information skills effectively

A brief look at some graduate destination information can be found on these links:‌

University of Exeter Links

Professional Institutions and Organisations relating to Bioscience

This is quite a long list, but designed to be of use all students, both undergraduate and Masters level, within this very broad discipline.

Bioscience in the Workplace

The Prospects website offers links to job options, career areas, and research into what other Bioscience students have done 6 months after graduation within a variety of sectors.  For example: