What can I do with my degree?

Classics and Ancient History

The Career Zone have produced a guide:  Careers for Classics and Ancient History graduates

With a Classics and Ancient History degree from the University of Exeter, you'll be able to:

• Understand another culture and a complementary range of subjects like
   language, literature, linguistics, philosophy, history, art and archaeology

• Demonstrate bibliographical and library research skills, textual analysis,
   historical method, visual skills characteristic of art criticism, use of
   statistics, philosophical argument and analysis, and skills in translation from
   and/or into Greek and/or Latin

• Understand a range of viewpoints and critical approaches

• Gather, memorise, organise and deploy information, extract key elements
   from data and identify and solve associated problems

• Engage in analytical, evaluative and lateral thinking

• Present material orally and in writing

Here are some examples of jobs and further study that study Classics and Ancient History graduates have entered:‌

Professional Institutions or Organisations relevant to Classics and Ancient History

  • English Heritage  - background information about historical sites and buildings around the UK, news and events. Jobs information on the "About Us" pages
  • National Trust - site includes jobs pages
  • Institute of Conservation - organisation offering bursaries for museum and archive conservation projects

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Classics and Ancient History in the Workplace

Links to job options, career areas and resources with further information on what Classics graduates do.