What can I do with my degree?

Clean Energy / Energy Engineering

The Career Zone have produced a guide: Careers for Clean Energy Engineering graduates

With a Clean Energy degree from the University of Exeter you’ll be able to:

  • use the latest renewable energy technology including specialised software packages
  • demonstrate an awareness of social and ethical issues related to engineering
  • have an awareness of the commercial and business issues relevant to engineering projects
  • demonstrate excellent analytical skills, including critically interpreting data and text
  • solve problems using both logic and creative / innovative approaches
  • develop reasoned arguments and present them in oral or written form to wider audiences

What can you do with your Renewable Energy degree?

There are excellent employment prospects in this rapidly developing sector with Renewable Energy students using their expertise in energy policy, marine renewables, bio-fuels, electrical power and networks, wind, photo-voltaic and thermal technologies.

University of Exeter links:

Professional Institutions and Organisations Relating to Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy in the Workplace

Renewable Energy job titles typically include the following:

  • Energy Engineer
  • Chartered Energy Manager
  • Energy & Utilities Manager
  • Energy & Sustainability Consultant
  • Energy Conservation Officer
  • Energy Management

The Prospects website offers links to job options, careers areas, and sources of vacancies as well as the Energy Institute website.