What can I do with my degree? 
Renewable Energy

What can I do with my degree?

Renewable Energy

The Career Zone have produced a guide:Renewable Energy Careers Factsheet (.pdf)

A degree in Earth Resources will give you the practical and vocational skills to pursue a career in related fields, such as mining or exploration. It will also give you a range of broader skills in teamwork, problem solving and communication. A very high proportion of graduates enter minerals-related employment, either in the UK or overseas. There are world-wide career opportunities including Europe, South America, Australia and Africa. Other graduates move into related areas such as tunnelling, civil engineering design or the oil and gas industry. However, recent graduates are working in fields as diverse as sales and marketing and operations management for major UK minerals providers. Some graduates opt to continue their training by undertaking taught postgraduate (MSc) courses in geotechnical engineering or computing or undertake research degrees (MPhil/PhD).

Destinations of University of Exeter Earth Resources Graduates

Full time UK domiciled undergraduates (of those who completed their courses in the last three years) surveyed six months after graduation. The following are examples of destinations of graduates who finished undergraduate courses:

Assistant Design Engineer
Client Manager
Company Director
Design Engineer
Development Manager
Energy Consultant
Energy Technical Adviser
Environmental Consultant
GIS and CAD Commission
Graduate Project Work
Graduate Sustainability Consultant
Lab Technician
Marine Energy Analyst
Marine Renewable Services Manager
Offshore Wind Farm Developer
Operational Wind Farm Analyst
PhD Student in Natural Resources Engineering
Project Engineer
Renewable Energy Engineer
Renewable Energy Specialist
Research Assistant
Running own company
Software Developer/Renewable Energy Consultant
Stock Manager
Sustainable Power Provider
Teaching Assistant
Technical Analyst Wind Development

Clean Earth Energy
Engineers Without Borders
Falmouth School
Garrad Hassan
Green Peninsula
Group NBT/W Gilbert Associates
Interserve Consulting
ISO Energy
Natural Generation Ltd
Nicholls Boreholes
Photon Energy
Pure Energy Professionals
Regen SW
Res Group
Resource Living
RWE NPower Renewables
Sungift Solar
Tata Steel
The University Of Exeter/A & P Falmouth
University of Strathclyde
University of Warwick
Wardell Armstrong
Wind Direct
Wind Power Generators
Windscout Ltd

Further education
Certificate in Sustainable Energies
CYQ Fitness Instructor
MPhil/PhD Business Diversification into MRE In SW
MSc Engineering and Management - Electronic Systems
MSc Renewable Energy
Natural Resources Engineering
Renewable Energy Technology
Wind Energy Systems