Mark Armitage, Careers Consultant for History

Jenny Clark, Careers Consultant for History, Penryn Campus

What can I do with my degree?


The Career Zone have produced a guide: Careers for History graduates

With a History degree from the University of Exeter, you'll be able to:

  • Use critical reasoning and analytical skills, including problem solving and creative thinking
  • Conduct research using different types of tools, such as information and communications technology, and sources, demonstrating intellectual rigour throughout
  • Negotiate, question, summarise and construct an argument by selecting and ordering relevant evidence, and communicate findings in a structured, clear and persuasive manner
  • Discuss ideas in groups, accommodating different ideas and reaching agreement
  • Think objectively and approach problems and new situations with an open mind
  • Appreciate the different factors that influence the activities of groups and individuals in society

 A brief look at some graduate destination information can be found on the following webpages:

Professional Institutions and Organisations relating to History

Broader information can be found on our Sector Pages.

History in the Workplace

The Prospects website offers links to job options, career areas, and research into what other History students have done 6 months after graduation within a variety of sectors.