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What can I do with my degree?

The Career Zone have produced a guide: Careers for Liberal Arts graduates

Liberal Arts

With a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Exeter, you will be able to demonstrate many skills valued by employers such as textual analysis, visual analysis, quantitative analysis, project management and research skills.

You can also:

  • Communicate effectively in an appropriate style and apply sustained written and oral arguments coherently and persuasively
  • Exercise independent thought and judgement in handling information and arguments in a critical and self-reflective manner
  • Study abroad developing knowledge of a foreign language and culture
  • Interpret, assess and evaluate sources
  • Lead and participate in discussions
  • Give persuasive and professional presentations
  • Work independently and to deadlines

Many jobs are open to graduates of any discipline and the skills you will gain through your Liberal Arts degree are highly valued in a number of career sectors including law, business, education, media, marketing and heritage. The acquisition of language skills can help develop cultural sensitivity and flexibility.

You can see examples of jobs entered by Exeter graduates of various subjects here.

Careers for Liberal Arts graduates

Liberal Arts in the Workplace

A liberal arts degree will give access to many careers that will be open to graduates of any discipline. The multi disciplinary nature of the degree may give advantages in many areas and the career sectors provide an excellent starting point.

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