The Career Development Cycle


Knowing your skills, interests, values and motivations is an important first step in career choice.

Giving yourself time to reflect on who you are and what is important to you provides a solid foundation for future decisions.

  • Profiling for Success - A self-assessment tool that can help you in your personal and career development. 
  • Prospects Career Planner - Match your skills and personality to hundreds of job profiles
  • Changing Course
  • Postgraduate study as an option
  • The Exeter Award - An achievement award for current undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at the University of Exeter. 
  • eXfactor - eXfactor is an award-winning programme developed with you in mind - the first of its kind across all UK universities! eXfactor aims to get you to start thinking about what motivates you, what your interests and values are, the skills set you already have and what you need to develop in order to help you succeed after graduating.
  • Grand Challenges - Grand Challenges is a week-long summer programme in which undergraduate University of Exeter students work together in interdisciplinary research groups, alongside some of our top academics, to address some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.
  • Skills Audit – A really useful exercise to define skills and competencies that many employers are looking for, and identify examples when you have put these skills into practice. This can also be useful for identifying particular strengths and areas for further skills development
  • Making the most of extra-curricular activities – You can only do so much, so be strategic in how you spend your time. If you can make your social time, sport, clubs and societies help to develop your skills, connect you to networks or provide you with the opportunity to take on projects and responsibilities you can be developing your career potential whilst having a great time!