About us

The Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis is based in the £52million LSI Building and was initially funded by the Wellcome Trust's ISSF scheme in 2015.  Our ongoing research is funded by a further Wellcome ISSF award lasting until 2021, which set up our newer focus TREE, encouraging an emphasis on translation and impact, and independent fellowships awarded to our researchers.

We are a rapidly growing centre for research with five Wellcome-funded Research Fellows, two Medical Research Council-funded Fellows and four PhD studentships, which began in September 2016.  We work closely with the EPSRC-funded Centre for Predictive Modelling in Healthcare, and collaborate with colleagues across the University to establish new interdisciplinary research projects.

Our remit is broad: we aim to understand the fundamental physiological processes that facilitate health and the perturbations that can lead to disease. We seek to apply this knowledge in innovative ways to improve treatment and quality of life for people.  We do this by bridging traditional divides between disciplines, and providing the funding and networks to initiate collaborative projects.

The centre's expertise spans several areas including:

  • Advanced mathematical and statistical modelling
  • High throughput –omics
  • Multi-modal imaging and image analysis
  • Systems biology and medicine
  • Involvement and engagement of the public in research

The centre provides opportunities for researchers within biomedical and clinical research to develop projects with strong quantitative elements. We provide training courses within the wider University, secondment opportunities for both University researchers and clinicians, and opportunities to develop small research projects via our seed corn funding.

We strongly believe in the benefits of public engagement and work closely with our MAGPIE group to develop research projects.  We participate in many outreach events through the year both via the University and at local events.  We have also established placement opportunities with the Exeter Maths School, as well as the Nuffield Foundation to help A-level students develop their skills with the support of our researchers within current research projects.

We encourage informal enquiries about the work we do, and opportunities for new projects.  


Management and Support

Research Project Manager Chrissie Walker c.j.walker@exeter.ac.uk 01392 72 5838
Centre Co-Director Professor John Terry J.Terry@exeter.ac.uk 01392 40 6779
Centre Co-Director Professor Neil Gow

via Sarah Warren s.warren4@exeter.ac.uk

01392 72 3006
Research Administrator Liza Cheshire l.cheshire@exeter.ac.uk 01392 72 7474
Communities Engagement Manager Silvia Bortoli s.bortoli@exeter.ac.uk 01392 72 7472
IPD Manager – Medical Technologies David Whitehouse d.whitehouse@exeter.ac.uk 01392 72 6759
Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence Roger Killen r.m.killen@exeter.ac.uk 07515 520336


CBMA fellows

Matt Anderson M.W.Anderson@exeter.ac.uk 01392 72 7471
Ben Evans B.D.Evans@exeter.ac.uk 01392 72 7471
Danny Galvis D.Galvis@exeter.ac.uk 01392 72 7471

Ben Sherlock

B.Sherlock@exeter.ac.uk 01392 72 7471

Industry fellows

Jack Spencer j.a.spencer@exeter.ac.uk