Experimenting with brain activity

People experimenting with brain activity

Public involvement

The Centre wants to ensure that the public voice is embedded throughout the work we do.

The Centre works with different groups of MAGPIES across different projects. Please take a look at our MAGPIE pages to find out more about how we work with the Centre.

Get involved

We are always seeking members of the public to get involved with staff at the Centre to inform a range of activities including:

  • guiding our research programme;
  • ensuring that our website and public facing information is accessible and written in plain English;
  • helping design public engagement events;
  • developing some research into public involvement in basic science.

Our research programme will include a range of research studies with researchers from many different disciplines including cell biologists, psychologists, geneticists, medical researchers and clinicians and people in medical humanities (e.g. interested in the history of medicine) but at the heart of it will be our team of mathematicians who develop models to help solve these biological and medical questions. It is hoped that many of these studies will lead to improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of long term health conditions including the neurological conditions of epilepsy, dementia or schizophrenia.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a public contributor, please contact Silvia Bortoli, Communities Engagement Manager: s.bortoli@exeter.ac.uk. We are not asking for any specific expertise other than a general interest in the work of the Centre, medical research or public involvement in research. There will be opportunities to get involved in person, via email or phone/video phone so please do not let geographical distance from Exeter prevent you from finding out more!

As a general rule we will pay travel expenses for people coming to any public meetings and, in addition, a small “Thank you payment” depending on the type of involvement activity. This will be based around a payment of £25 per half day.