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12 December 2018: Silvia Bortoli: Engagement in Edinburgh
In November, I attended the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) Engage Conference, held in Edinburgh. Read more>>

24 September 2018: Epilepsy Research UK guest blog
On Wednesday 12 September 2018, Epilepsy Research UK visited the Living Systems Institute at the University of Exeter to host an evening together with some of our regional researchers and supporters. Read more>>

5 July 2018: Serene Siying Lin: Clinical primer blog
Working as an ophthalmology registrar for the past five years, I have witnessed first-hand the devastating social impact that visual impairment and blindness can have on a patient and their family. Read more>>

21 June 2018: Ben Evans: Modelling Morphogenesis: Beyond "Just So" Stories of Leopard Spots
As a Research Fellow in the CBMA, we are assigned to short, inter-disicplinary collaborations known as "seed corn projects". Read more>>

23 May 2018: Simon Privett: A new MAGPIE at the seed corn incubator event
My name is Simon and I am not an academic. Read more>>

28 March 2018: Tricia Thomas: Learning new skills through CBMA secondment
The secondment has taught me many different skills, of which there are too many to mention, and which will be invaluable on my journey to becoming an independent researcher. Read more>>

26 February 2018: Nick Thomas: CBMA secondee blog
Under the supervision of Prof Krasi Tsaneva-Atanasova and guided by the expertise of Dr Ben Evans I learnt new data handling skills and approaches to evaluating the large swathes of genetic and clinical data available to me. Read more>>

2 February 2018: Dr Sarah Price: My experience as seed corn project secondee
In March 2017, I was working as a research fellow in Professor Willie Hamilton’s Discovery Group in the Medical School. Read more>>

7 September 2017: Dr Eder Zavala: Building Non-Academic Collaborations in Neuroendocrine Research
As biomedical scientists, we often learn of disease solely through academic channels. Read more>>

8 February 2017: Dr Ryan Ames: Collaboration with Aberdeen University
I've been working at the University of Aberdeen in the lab of Prof Alistair Brown. Read more>>

27 January 2017: Dr Kyle Wedgwood: MRC fellowship interview
January has been a particularly momentous start to 2017 for me. Read more>>

10 January 2017: Zoe Bright: 5 months into my PhD and a New Year
2016 was certainly a year filled with accomplishments, ends to challenging chapters and new beginnings. Read more>>

28th November 2016: Dr Jo Welsman: Embedding Public Involvement
The past few weeks have been incredibly busy for me and the MAGPIEs (Modelling Advisory Group Public Involvement and Engagement). Read more>>

16th November 2016: Ms Joanna L’Heureux: Joining the CBMA
I joined the CBMA group as a PhD student in September, and we've already finished our cohort’s first rotation project. The time seems to have flown by! Read more>>

30th October 2016: Mrs Chrissie Walker: Wellcome Trust Funding - TREE
We've recently been awarded a further round of funding from the Wellcome Trust to develop a new clinical research exchange here at Exeter. Read more>>

18th October 2016: Dr Charlie Jeynes: Sidmouth Science Fair
Can you move an object with the power of your mind? This was one of the questions posed to visitors at our stall this year at the Sidmouth Science festival. Read more>>

23rd September 2016: Professor John Terry: Co-creating new projects at the CBMA research incubator
Every round of our seed corn funding begins with a two day incubator event.  A chance to for everyone involved to plan their projects, with help and support from the professional services team.  Read more >>

12th September 2016: Dr Wessel Woldman: Hosting a workshop - BioDynamics 2016
Although the 2016 BioDynamics Workshop officially kicked off at the University of Exeter on the 7th of September with an excellent presentation on the devastating environmental impact of the rice fungus Magnaporthe oryzae by Professor Nick Talbot - one of the several Fellows of the Royal Society giving a keynote presentation - for many the workshop had started unofficially with a workshop the day before on transient dynamics and epilepsy. Read more>>

2nd September 2016: Dr Kyle Wedgwood: Why academics take part in outreach
Given the simultaneous continued increase in higher education tuition fees and the mounting academic pressure on students at secondary schools, it is becoming increasingly important to highlight the different avenues and career options that education can offer. Read more>>

29th August 2016: Dr Ryan Ames: The importance of collaboration for early career researchers 
My current role as a Wellcome Trust ISSF research fellow at the University of Exeter has been my first opportunity to run my own programme of research. Read more >>

10th August 2016: Professor John Terry: What I’d like to know is why is a mathematician here?
It’s a question I’ve been asked more than once, and one that will be asked more often, as mathematical and computational tools become increasingly used in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease. Read more >>

2nd August 2016: Dr David Richards: Conferences and workshops
This month has been fairly hectic for me. First, I went to the 16th IUBMB conference in Vancouver on "Signalling Pathways in Development, Disease and Aging". Read more >>

19th July 2016: Dr Wessel Woldman: Finishing my PhD and preparing for Fellowship
It’s fair to say, that I am currently in a state of flux. At the beginning of June I submitted my thesis as well as starting an MRC Skills Development Fellowship, beginning the next step of my research career. Read more >>

13th July 2016: Dr Kyle Wedgwood: Presenting research at academic conferences
This month has involved a lot of travelling to take part in academic conferences. Read more>>

5th July 2016: Dr Charlie Jeynes: Imaging Human Chromosomes with X-rays
It’s been a very busy month for me. In early June I travelled to Singapore funded by a Royal Society International travel grant. Read more>>

27th June 2016: Dr Jo Welsman: Engaged Research
This past week has been very busy for me and my lay and academic colleagues in Engaged Research (Public Involvement). Read more >>

20th June 2016: Mrs Chrissie Walker: Managing Research
I’m the Research Project Manager for the CBMA – which means I try to make sure everything runs smoothly, allowing everyone else to focus on their research. Read more >>

13th June 2016: Dr Ryan Ames: Network Biology Symposium
Over the last two weeks I have been busy organising the first (hopefully annual) Network Biology Symposium at the University of Exeter. Read more >>

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