Seed corn funding

Up to £10,000 can be requested to support new multidisciplinary research projects at the interface between quantitative disciplines and biology, biomedicine and clinical research.

The aim of this fund is to support outstanding research within the remit of the Wellcome Trust that will enable the University to strategically advance research in these areas.  The scope of this funding is open to all University research staff, across all disciplines. To ensure that these projects are interdisciplinary, we would expect the PI and at least one Co-I to be from different disciplines. We appreciate that sometimes individual researchers can span multiple disciplines, so please get in touch with us if you are not sure whether your project team meets this requirement. 

A critical component of applications to this scheme will be the involvement of one or more of the Centre Research Fellows.

The next round will launch in summer 2019, with projects beginning in October 2019.

Projects may be paired with a Secondee - a University researcher who will work with a Centre Research Fellow on the project.  For relevant projects, we encourage the involvement of clinicans in both the project development, and application process.

Seed corn format

  • Seed corn projects will run for 6 months.
  • Public Involvement. We encourage all groups to involve the public in the development and evaluation of their work.
  • We will hold an overnight event at the beginning of the project - an incubator event. Clear objectives will be agreed by the project group with input from key UoE teams, and budgets signed off.
  • At the end of the seed corn round, we will hold an event to share project updates.
  • All groups must notify the centre of long-term outputs (for example: funding applications, publications, datasets)

Seed corn requirements

  • Acknowledging Wellcome Trust: To assist the Trust in tracking the outputs of research to which it has contributed, either wholly or in part, the Trust’s contributions must be acknowledged in all publications by using the following phrase: 'This work was generously supported by the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Award (WT105618MA). 
  • Funding must be used in line with the conditions of funding of the Wellcome Trust. This includes adhering to the Trust’s policy on open access. The University has Wellcome Trust funding to support open access publishing costs.
  • When submitting your findings for publication an affiliation to the Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis, University of Exeter should be included.
  • The ISSF project manager will contact award holders on a monthly basis to monitor progress.
  • Award holders agree to attend a final presentation, and provide ongoing updates after project close reporting: 

    • how funds have been used
    • details of any publications
    • the outcomes of the activity and the extent to which the proposed aims have been achieved
    • the future plans the investigators have for developing the research further
    • how the funding has led, or will lead, to an application to an external funder