The Catholic Church was founded 2,000 years ago when Jesus Christ called together the community of the Apostles, with St. Peter as their head. Today, the Catholic Church is spread throughout the world, and includes all those Christians who are in full communion with the Bishop of Rome (the Pope), who Catholics see as the successor of St. Peter. The Faith is based around the seven sacraments with the Mass (Eucharist) understood as the summit and source of the Christian life.


Fr. Michael Wheaton is the Catholic University Chaplain and the Priest in Charge of Crediton Parish. He says three Masses a week at the Chaplaincy and loves to read, work on the garden and cook for the community in his spare time. Donna Cooper is Fr. Michael's Assistant. She is the sacristan, organises the liturgy at Mass and sends out the weekly student email.

Fr Michael Wheaton

Catholic Chaplain

Boniface House
Glenthorne Road
Exeter EX4 4QU

Phone: +44 (0) 1392 271191

Students' Guild Society

The aim of the Catholic Society is to serve God with joy, through Confession, Mass, Adoration, Vespers, Rosary, socials, speakers, retreats, and national and international trips.

A typical week with the Society:

Every weekday evening at 7, there will be the Rosary. 
On Monday, Lectio Divina starts at 7.30. 
On Tuesday at 8, there will be a social! 
On Wednesday, there should be Adoration at 7.30. 
Every other Thursday, after 7.30 Mass, there will be a speaker and the bar will open for drinks.
On Friday, there will be the Stations of the Cross at 7.30, and football at various times in the evening.
On Saturday, there will be the Rosary at 2.30 at Sacred Heart Church, Confession at 3, and Tea and 3.30 in a nearby cafe.
On Sunday, there will be Rosary before Mass, at 11.

There will also be charity work on Saturdays, subject to arrangements. 

Everyone is welcome at the Society, and membership for a whole year is just £8, which covers the cost of accommodating speakers and paying for students' rail fares for local trips. The Chaplaincy is a place of joy, so please come and see what it's about. 

In the Community

On Campus

The Catholic Chaplaincy, located in Glenthorne Road, has excellent facilities including a chapel, fully licensed bar, meeting rooms, library and extensive landscaped gardens with BBQ area. 

Sunday Mass is at 11.30am followed by lunch. Meetings happen throughout the week offering opportunities for prayer, study, and socialising. On Thursdays, the 7.30pm Mass is usually followed by a talk from a well-known Catholic figure, or a social evening organised by the Catholic Society.

Further information: or see the CathSoc Facebook page.

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In Exeter

Church of the Sacred Heart

Church of the Blessed Sacrament