Chorister Profile: Edward Lindholm
Cantoris Tenor

Ed is a first-year Anthropology student who is visiting the University from Sweden. He joined the choir in Autumn 2016 and is currently the choir's only International Scholar.

How did you find moving to study in the UK?

Exeter is great, I love what I study and I am frankly having an absolute blast at uni; the people here in England all so welcoming as well.

What attracted you to the Chapel Choir?

Having sung choir for 11 years back in Sweden I knew that I wanted to sing at here at uni as well. When my friend Mima then showed me recordings of the Chapel Choir I knew that I had to apply.

What has been your favourite experience with the Choir so far?

I'd say my best experience so far was the CD recording we did just last week. It was really nice seeing everyone bringing their A-game to make it as good as possible.