Chorister Profile: Jacob Harrison
Cantoris Bass

Jacob is a first-year student of History and International Relations who joined the Choir in Autumn 2016.

What has it been like to join the Chapel Choir this year?

It's been a great first term singing with the choir. Finding out about new pieces and learning from the other choristers has been a really good experience, and it's been a great social thing to be a part of as well. The trip to Bath was particularly cool!

How have you found balancing your degree with singing with us?

Well being a fresher it would be a bit uncool for me to say that I'm struggling with the stress of work, but overall I haven't found balancing work with singing too difficult.

Rather than seeing work and singing as two things to do, it rather feels like Choir is a nice escape from deadlines and such, so it's great to have a kind of creative break!

What has been your favourite piece to perform with us?

I like polyphonic music, so – even though we do it quite a lot – I do like Videte Miraculum by Tallis. It's been great to learn new pieces as well though, and in terms of a favourite I'm a fan of Lukaszewski's Nunc Dimittis.