Chorister Profile: Livie Thompson
Cantoris Alto

Livie is one of two PhD students in the choir.

How long have you been singing?

Since primary school. I always got involved in choirs and my lower voice always excited choir masters, particularly having only been to all-girls‘ schools!

I started singing church music when I was about 14 as I wanted to sing with my Dad in the church choir, and I've been singing ever since. I was at Durham University for my undergrad and sang in a chapel choir there as well.

How do you balance studying for a PhD and singing in the choir?

That's the question I've always been asked since I started my PhD! To be honest I'm not sure, I sort of go with it. I know when I'm needed for practice and events so I make sure my work is completed between those times.

I'm involved in a few other things at the University too and I've always liked to keep myself busy so I think I'm pretty used to juggling different things, it keeps my life interesting! I think I would struggle to focus on my PhD without other things to keep me on my toes.

Why should people come and hear the choir sing?

Hearing a chapel choir sing involves a certain unique and powerful experience which sets it apart from hearing other choirs. When we sing services, those listening get to experience the culmination of a religious service with a passionate, spirited and highly accomplished choir, taking the religious ceremony to another level.

Our extremely varied repertoire also allows us to sing in many different settings and – for those less religiously inclined – we can be found singing for secular ocassions too; our music adapting to the event and always sounding spectacular!