Chorister Profile: Sam Foster
Decani Tenor

Sam is a second-year Drama student who joined the choir in Autumn 2015.

What do you like most about singing with the Chapel Choir?

The company we keep. Because we spend so much time working so hard together we get to know each other extremely well and make great friendships, which directly influences the quality of our sound as an ensemble.

The choir has a very friendly, social atmosphere around it and I have felt utterly welcomed since my very first rehearsal last year.

If you could only sing three pieces of music for the rest of your life, what would they be?

One of them I think would be Holst's Nunc Dimittis, since it's one of the first pieces I feel like we absolutely nailed after I'd joined and features almost everything a piece of music can. For that same reason I'd pick Ascribe unto the Lord by S.S. Wesley for both the dramatic and graceful touches in it, although it is quite long.

Lastly, since it would be a tragedy if I could never sing it again, my favourite piece so far this year, Harris' Faire is the Heaven. It's traditionally unaccompanied, but I'd choose accompanied because of some amazing memories of singing it on our recent tour to Bath Abbey.

Do you sing outside of the Chapel Choir?

I sing almost everywhere I am – since around 15 I've sung regularly in school choirs, shows and amateur productions of musicals.

These days I sing outside the choir mainly with the University's Gilbert and Sullivan Society, along with with some of the other choir members, but there is a huge variety of a capella and accompanied groups of all styles on campus and most of them have at least one scholar from the Chapel Choir.

You can hear Sam in this recording of Michael Tippett's arrangement of Steal Away to Jesus.

Recorded during the choir's rehearsal in the Mary Harris Memorial Chapel on the evening of Thursday 26th January 2017.
Tenor: Sam Foster
Soprano: Beth Hitchcock

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