Chapel Committee

We help with...

providing hospitality:

  • cake baking, biscuit making (making and providing all sorts of food really)
  • cooking pancakes in the Forum on Shrove Tuesday
  • serving mulled wine and mince pies at Carol services
  • and of course making (lots of) tea

looking after the chapels:

  • flower arranging
  • cleaning and tidying
  • decorating Christmas trees

the running and leading of Chapel worship:

  • welcoming people
  • handing out hymn books and orders of service
  • advising where to get more information or help
  • handing out leaflets
  • attending and participating in worship (in the chapels and elsewhere - e.g. the Cathedral)

and organising and participating in events such as:

  • barbecues
  • talks
  • concerts
  • social outings
  • sponsored activities for charity

We are a busy bunch, and we have a lot of fun. We don't all do everything - people contribute according to their interests, skills and resources.

Who can join?

The Committee is open to all University of Exeter staff and students who attend the Mary Harris Chapel or St Luke's Chapel. (You don't have to go every week!) The only expectation is that members attend committee meetings as much as possible (meetings are held at lunch times).

How much?

Being a member of the committee is free - there is no joining fee or subscription, and nobody will expect you to provide resources (such as food). It's all about providing what we each feel able to give - whether that's time, a welcoming smile or homebaked chocolate cookies.

Your cup of tea?

If you would like to join the Committee, please get in touch or speak to any of the committee members - we would love to hear from you!