Judith Allen
The Chaplaincy Hub
The Old Library
Streatham Campus
Prince of Wales Road
University of Exeter

Email: j.allen6@exeter.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1392 725858

Judith Allen

Anglican Chaplaincy Pastoral Assistant

Originally from North Devon, via a year in the USA, Judith has been living near Exeter since she was fifteen. More recently she helped to start Exeter Street Pastors and worked as the organisation's administrator for ten years. During that time she also wrote a handful of blogs and books, studied for a theology degree and worked as a barista in Exeter Cathedral Cafe.

Judith has an abiding love for art, theology and working with children, with a special interest in stories and how they communicate beauty, goodness and truth and help us understand ourselves, others and God.

Judith is thrilled to be working with the Anglican Chaplaincy Team this year and looks forward to offering a welcoming presence and listening ear to students and staff, as well as developing her appreciation and understanding of traditional liturgy and choral music.

When she's not working, Judith can usually be found reading (a theological tome, novel, poem, picture book or cereal box), but she also enjoys baking, gardening and long country walks. She loves meeting new people and making new friends – preferably over a cup of tea.